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    Friendships In Your 20s As Told By "Twin Peaks"

    BRB having a damn fine cup of coffee with the log lady.

    In your 20s you're going to meet a lot of different people, many of whom you'll call your friends.

    1. You have a BFF from work.

    Who you spend 85% of your time G-chatting about your latest failed date.

    2. You have loads of friends trying to make it in the creative industries.

    3. There are open mic nights aplenty.

    4. Hanging out with aspiring poets is always fun.

    5. When your friend's unsigned band is playing - you're there, front row.

    6. Your ambitious entrepreneurial friends make you feel like a terrible underachiever.

    7. At times you're incredibly jealous but they're your friend so it feels awful.

    8. However you DON'T feel awful about those who's success seems entirely undeserved.

    9. Besides the majority have no idea what they're doing anyway.

    10. Many will have big plans but never actually act on them.

    11. Those who do decide to go travelling are very serious about it.

    12. They return with crazy stories of their adventures abroad.

    13. Collectively you all drink a helluva lot of coffee.

    14. Every 20-something has their favourite drinking buddy.

    15. Edgy friends insist on going to seedy underground bars.

    16. You have that fashionista friend who sports trendy accessories before they've even reached Pinterest.

    17. Some friends you've known since forever do a personality 180°.

    18. You lament on your days together before they became obsessed with their job/a wine snob/too busy for you.

    We used to do everything together ;-(


    19. Some of your friends make questionable choices in their love lives.

    20. And you have to find a way to be honest with them.

    21. Even though you're no longer in school, 20-something life is still rife with gossip.

    22. If anything the gossip is even juicier!

    23. Luckily you have a friend who is your personal Oprah - always there to cheer you up.

    24. But when you're friends are all coupled up it's hard to not feel left out.

    25. Some will have perfected the art of seduction by the time they reach their 20s.

    26. Whilst others still think magic tricks will get the girl.

    27. So listen up 20 somethings

    28. Meeting new people and making friends is great and all....

    But be careful out there...

    People aren't always who they seem

    Sound familiar?

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