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33 Most Embarrassing Moments For Every Woman In Her 20s

Dear nipple, I'd appreciate it if you stayed put in that bra. Thanks.

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1. Embarrassment strikes when you walk out of the loo like this...

2. Or the strap on your bag squishes your boob like this...

3. Then there's the equally embarrassing slip of the nip.

4. When you drop your bag on the floor and all its contents spread out over the pavement.

5. A man comes to your rescue only to realise he's picking up about twenty tampons.

And a pregnancy test.

6. When you’ve just bought a truckload of items to the till and your debit card gets declined.

7. Your work mates are like: "yeah, let's go out for sushi" but you have to stay behind with your packed cheese sandwich because you have no money.

8. There's that distressing moment someone enters a smelly toilet cubicle that was smelly BEFORE you used it.

9. Plenty more embarrassing moments arise when it's your favourite time of the month.

10. For example: you just nip to the shop for some super size tampons.

You bump into someone you know and they’re like "ooeh what you getting?"

11. It's the first day of your period. You’re just chilling in the office and a big sneeze comes along...

12. Or you’re staying over at someone’s house who doesn’t have a bin in their bathroom.

13. So you just kinda have to wrap it up and sneakily dispose of it later.

14. Dating = embarrassment danger zone.

15. Accidentally mentioning something to your date that you could only know via extensive social media lurking.

16. Realising you have absolutely nothing to talk about.

17. It’s also a tad embarrassing when you’re enjoying a nice post-sex cuddle and this happens...

18. You just pray to the heavens it goes unnoticed.

19. Or your stomach rumbles and it’s definitely not a fart but HOW DO YOU BEGIN TO EXPLAIN THAT!

20. An uncomfortable situation develops when you walk in on your housemate having sex.

21. And you decide to just never talk about it.

22. One night you get home drunk and see your housemate has your favourite ever ice cream in the fridge. Nice knowing you willpower.

23. Trying to get on your skinny jeans after a wash is never fun.

24. Or taking them off in a seductive manner and getting stuck halfway down your thigh.

25. When you squeeze into your bodycon dress, at first you feel great.

Until you eat/drink just one thing and you feel like a bloated seal.

26. You're playing DJ at your friend's house party. Everyone's enjoying your interesting music taste and then your iPod lands on...

27. When someone at a party approaches you all like...

But they've clearly misheard you pronounce your name and proceed to call you something else.

28. Out of politeness you just go with it, until your friend joins the convo and calls you by your actual name.

29. Oh the shame when someone comes home with you, only to wake up and have the daylight reveal the landfill you live in.

30. Embarrassment central: when you read all your texts from the night before.

31. And see that you tweeted YOLO about 50 times.

32. And left a totes empowering status for all your female friends on Facebook.

33. You spend the rest of your day hungover, stalking your ex’s new girlfriend on Instagram.

You accidentally double tap when you tried to zoom in.

Yep, being a woman is embarrassing but at least we’re not subject to these…


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