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    30 Surefire Ways To Spot A Brit Abroad

    Uno beero for me-o por favor.

    1. Brits get rather excited about going abroad.

    2. Matching T-shirts will be made.

    3. Every aspect of the journey shall be documented.

    4. Upon arrival we are absolutely fearless and disregard our bottles of SPF 30.

    5. Which will result in this.

    6. Once we've learnt our lesson we'll lather on SPF 70 like it’s going out of style

    7. Kids will be made to wear space ranger outfits.

    8. Some adults will wear them too.

    9. But to no avail.

    10. Heat in general is tough on a Brit.

    11. It makes us detest our clothing.

    12. Overheated British bodies act out in mysterious ways.

    13. Bad tempered Brits = a lot of complaining.

    14. Perhaps we wouldn't be so hot if we didn't wear socks with these?

    15. Or wore hats like these...

    16. We're all about the Union Jack when we're abroad.

    Don't do it James.

    17. We like to wake up at the crack of dawn to mark our territory.

    18. Once we fancy a swim it'll only take 3 hours to get in the pool.

    19. We FREAK out over bugs.

    20. A Brit abroad will showcase a distinct lack of interest in the local cuisine.

    21. The local produce is never quite up to scratch. Do they even know how to milk cows abroad?

    22. We'll spend a lot of money getting our beloved grub.

    23. Of course let's not tar all Brits with the same brush. Some of us do get in with the locals.

    24. Some will even attempt the language.

    25. But totally butcher it.

    26. When we're being misunderstood we do this...

    27. The more adventurous amongst us will attempt to haggle at the local market.

    28. And get totally ripped off. £100 for an authentic Spanish sombrero wasn't such a good deal after all.

    29. On the last day of the trip we like to go out with a bang.

    30. And despite the epic holiday hangover we'll still find it in ourselves to go mental at Duty Free.