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    29 Mind-Blowing Ways You Can Eat Chips

    A homage to the most perfect food.

    Seeing as it's Chip Week, it's more than fine to eat patates frites all day every day. If you're a bit bored of the salt and vinegar variety, check out our mind-blowing combinations below!

    1. Garlic & Parmesan Chips.

    Let's start simple. A quick way to pimp your potatoes is to sprinkle them with garlic and parmesan. Get the recipe here.

    2. Chips with garlic & cheese sauce.

    Another alternative is to blend the garlic and cheese together in a lovely creamy sauce. See ya later mayo! Get the recipe here.

    3. Chips With Curry Mayo & Spicy Ketchup. / Via

    If you can't quite let go of traditional condiments, here are two quick ways to make them more inspiring. Get the recipe here.

    4. Benedict Cumberchip.

    Have breakfast in the evening with this rather dashing combination. Get the recipe here.

    5. Cheesy Potato Chips. / Via

    I could have a swim in all that gooey cheese. Get the recipe here.

    6. Asparagus Chip Butty. / Via

    Shake your butty with this classier version of a chip sandwich. Get the recipe here.

    7. Pizza Chips. / Via

    Two wonderful things put together! Get the recipe here.

    8. Chips on Pizza.

    Flip it and reverse it. Chips on pizza is amazing!

    9. Oven Egg & Chips.

    Super simple, super tasty. Get the recipe here.

    10. Chips & Kimchi. / Via

    Our favourite Korean side dish never looked better! Get the recipe here.

    11. Poutine: Chips & Gravy & Cheese. / Via

    So, this is how Canadians have their chips. If you can't get your hands on some cheese curds, chunks of mature cheddar will do! Get the recipe here.

    12. Chips & Pulled Pork.

    Another variation of the poutine recipe, this time with pulled pork. YUM! Get the recipe here.

    13. Chips With Peanut Sauce & Mayonnaise.

    From Canada to The Netherlands. This is how the Dutch eat chips: with mayonnaise, peanut sauce and onions.

    14. Bacon & Cheese Chips.

    Gooey cheese + crunchy bacon is kind of magical. Get the recipe here.

    15. Shepherd's Pie Chips.

    This is a game-changer! Get the recipe here.

    16. Nacho Chips.

    If people don't like this, it's nacho problem! Get the recipe here.

    17. Cheese & Steak Chips.

    Melted cheese will do if you don't have any processed cheese sauce to hand. You crazy Americans! Get the recipe here.

    18. Cajun Chips With Guacamole, Bacon & Fried Egg.

    This will satisfy a ravenous hungover belly. Get the recipe here.

    19. Green Chile Cheese Chips. / Via

    Cheesy chips with a nice kick to it. Get the recipe here.

    20. Taco Chips. / Via

    Taco to me baby! Also, this recipe is vegan. How about that? Get the recipe here.

    21. Buffalo Chicken & Cheese Chips.

    If you're low on buffalo sauce just mix together some Tabasco, tomato puree, vinegar and lemon and you're good to go. Get the recipe here.

    22. Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Chips. / Via

    Warning: now we're stepping outside of potato territory but trust me, these chips are still worth your attention. Get the recipe here.

    23. Carrots & Sweet Potato Chips. / Via

    WHAT?! Carrot chips you say? Yes we do, and they're even better combined with sweet potato. Get the recipe here.

    24. Sweet Potato Chips with Bacon.

    Ain't no fakin' with bacon. These chips are super delicious! Get the recipe here.

    25. Chilli Cheese & Squash Chips. / Via

    These are so healthy there's zero guilt involved! Get the recipe here.

    26. Courgette Chips.

    Courgettes used to make my cry. Then I had them in chip form and I can't get enough! Get the recipe here.

    27. Avocado Chips. / Via

    Bet you've never seen an avocado look this good! Get the recipe here.

    28. Apple Pie Chips.

    Now you're going to need some dessert but that doesn't mean you have to veer away from the chip form! Get the recipe here.

    29. French Toast Chips. / Via

    And lastly french toast chips. Thank you. Whoever invented this, thank you. Get the recipe here.