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    27 Signs You're Not A Relationship-Type Person

    I would do anything for love, but I won't do that...or anything else really because love is kinda stupid. Sorry.

    1. You're getting to the point where a lot of your friends are loved up.

    2. Some are even getting married.


    4. But when you think back to your own relationships, you're just grateful you made it out alive.

    5. You liked all the physical stuff.

    6. But the rest was such a drag...

    7. Singledom means you can pass out on the sofa after watching a Dance Moms marathon.

    8. Or drop a fart without anyone being grossed out.

    9. Plus you HATE sharing food.

    10. Or giving up personal space.

    11. You value your "Me Time."

    12. Not having to shave regularly is a huge plus.

    13. Pancakes trump morning sex any day.

    14. Getting regular massages is great...

    15. But at some point you're expected to return the favour.

    16. When people say the "L" word you feel a bit antsy.

    17. You still think about your ex.

    18. Even though you broke up five years ago...

    19. Once you may have sort of cheated on someone, and you didn't feel as bad as you should have.

    20. The friend zone = the best zone.

    21. There is no divorce in the friend zone.

    22. You like dating loads of different people.

    23. It keeps things fresh and you don't get bored.

    24. And when dates go bad you get to return to Dance Moms and pancakes.

    25. You mourn single pals when you see a new "in a relationship" status.

    26. Because let's face it — all the best songs are about being single and partying.

    27. The WORST songs are about love.

    Leave the lovers to do their thing — and you keep doing you!