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    Who Is Your Godly Parent In The World Of Neried?

    Neried itself is an old continent filled with magic, and many of the people still follow the ancient religion of the gods. But all the countries on Nereid are ocean cultures, their history is edged deep into the sea, and the gods they worship reflect their day to day lives- Calm seas, bountiful catch... Most if not all the people worship the water deities. But there are small factions that still remember the older pantheon, goddesses of love, gods of death, lords of the air. As time passed, the gods that some believed once walked among the mortals faded away and disappeared. Many believe that they live among us as once in a blue moon, a demi-god appears, and their lives can change the fate of Neried itself. If you were a demi-god living on Nereid, which god would your parent be? Thumbnail Painting from: RAFFAELLO Sanzio (b. 1483, Urbino, d. 1520, Roma) The Veiled Threat by Author Sophia Menesini releases September 1st on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle!

    1. What's Your Favorite Color?

    2. If you had to ride into battle on one of these animals, which animal would it be?

    3. Where would you be happiest?

    4. It's Saturday Night, What are you doing?

    5. What's Your Ideal Date Night?

    6. Your Godly Parent Gets You a Present, What is it?

    7. Music Preference:

    8. Weapon of Choice in Battle:

    9. You're at a party, What are you doing?

    10. Ideal Soulmate:

    11. Favorite Quote:

    12. What is your Biggest Flaw?

    13. You're at odds with an enemy, what do you do?

    14. What's your go to food?

    15. Which Season Do you love most?

    16. If you were gifted powers by your immortal, what would it be?

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