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    Which Country On Nereid Are You From?

    Captain Shea Lara is the leader of The Veiled Duchess, the most feared pirate ship in all of Nereid. And now, after completing her former mentor's final score, she's retiring. Everything she's known seems to be coming to an end. Until a night in her favorite tavern, when a mysterious stranger drags her back into the fold with an offer for a score, she can't refuse. All she has to do is kidnap the crowned princess of the northern Queendom, Joana of Arethusa. The prize is just within reach. But sparks fly as the two women collide. And a veiled threat that could upturn Shea's entire world storms on the horizon. Join the crew of Captain Shea Lara as they battle their way through dangerous court intrigue, rebellion against slavery, an unlikely romance, and ultimately face villains whose masks conceal them till the very end. Something's brewing on the horizon and the Veiled Threat is just the beginning. Find out which country you're from on Nereid!

    1. You find yourself at a Crossroads. With four paths ahead. Which do you choose?

    2. You've been traveling for hours and the sun is setting. Suddenly you can hear growling from the woods beside you. You stop and open your pack to grab a...

    3. A psychic offers to show you your future but only an image. What do you see?

    4. As a six-year-old child, you're led into a room with four items. They tell you to choose an item.

    5. Your father says, "If you can beat your sister in combat then you can go on the annual hunt." Which weapon do you choose to challenge your sister?

    6. You've been lost for days in The Eastland Woods. At last, you've made it home and the first thing you do is?

    7. You're condemned to die by your worst fear. What is it?

    8. You fall in love with a rival clan member. After telling your loved one private information about your leaders they accidentally betray you causing the clans to go to war. Your lover sneaks to come and find you. This may be the last night you ever see them again. What do you do?

    9. You're stranded at sea with only enough food and water for three people to last for a week. But enough for 1 to last a month. There's a sword at your side. What do you do?

    10. You've been faced with an impossible choice. Captured by sadistic pirates, there's only two of your crew left. You and the twelve-year-old cabin boy. The Captain of the rivalship throws a cutlass down between you. Only one of you gets to walk away. The boy doesn't move. The sword is yours. What do you do?

    11. You fought bravely to protect your country from the Lycon Empire and lost your life on the front lines. Your friend and fellow soldier arrive home to your family to tell them of your death. What do you wish they'd say?

    12. You've finished a job that's set you up for life. You can do anything you want, be anything you want. The world is yours. What do you do?

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