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Vaping, the consumer cure for the EPIDEMIC big TOBACCO created!

I'm steaming mad today, friends. I have google alerts set up to notify me if anything "ecig" related releases and what I saw today had my anger rising.

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Vaping, the consumer cure for the EPIDEMIC big TOBACCO created!

I'm steaming mad today, friends. I have google alerts set up to notify me if anything "ecig" related releases and what I saw today had my anger rising. A little article titled "Can Philip Morris International Beat This E-Cig Upstart?" Feel free to follow the link and read it before I go into my rant because you can bet your bottom dollar there IS A RANT coming. Vaping was created as a consumer solution to the epidemic big tobacco created. Let's start there! Read it again, so you understand that point because it's important!

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and don't get me started on them because that's another rant) 16 million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking. Let that sink in a little bit! Six Million DEATHS a year are caused by smoking according to their statistics. Those are facts, and it proves my point about BIG TOBACCO causing an epidemic. With those facts being truth, Philip Morris decides ONCE again that they are above everyone else and their vaping products should get a pass above all other vaping companies. These same companies that came out with a cure for the epidemic these tobacco MONSTERS created in the first place, mind you! So yeah, I'm steaming mad, and calling them out for the destroyers of human life that they are!

Philip Moris is attempting to get the FDA's approval to say its e-cig is safer than traditional cigarettes when EVERY other vaping company out there (you know the ones fighting to help save lives from the death sticks of Philip Moris and other tobacco companies like them) are being denied the ability to say they are safer than traditional cigarettes. Let that sink in a minute too. The company that is partially responsible for the epidemic caused by smoking gets a pass? NOT ON MY WATCH! The audacity of these people trying to get their products touted as the solution to the problem they caused makes me want to vomit! The sad part is, they have all the blood money in their bank account from the lives they've destroyed by smoking their death sticks.

It's no coincidence that Big Tobacco is trying to DESTROY the consumer-created industry and take over because Vaping is WORKING and they are LOSING money on their death sticks. So what do you do as a multi-billion dollar death business when you're losing money? Take over from the smaller businesses that created a life-saving technology and bury the competition. If you aren't seeing that picture then research more until you do, because that's the truth of what's happening. Who has the money to stay in the race with the FDA regulations? Big Tobacco! How many palms got greased to destroy this industry for all the non-related big tobacco companies? Even if you hate vaping, follow the money and you'll see what's really going on.

The CDC, FDA, and other health organizations don't give a rats poop about public health. They get paid very well to keep you smoking and ignorant. Look at the lobbying efforts of big tobacco and get a clear picture for yourself. They don't have enough research? Absolutely bull. They've got MILLIONS of people like me showing increased lung capacity after giving up smoking for vaping. Vape shops tested for air quality show no side effects from second-hand vape, and yet they are still banning public vaping. And the last resort when they can't push their agenda is to spout off "THINK about the CHILDREN" as they say they are banning flavors for a product that is ALREADY ILLEGAL for the YOUTH to use. The big picture is out there if you open your eyes to it!

I've gone off on another rant so let me get back on topic! Philip Morris which owns "JUUL" wants you to believe that THEY are the safest of all e-cigarettes. Oh yeah, because the Grim Reaper with their 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette obviously now CARE about public health. Get the sarcasm? What they care about is lining their pockets with more money. That's their bottom line and they deserve to be called out for! While we're at it, let's call out the other death makers (tobacco companies) who are now in the "vape" market as well. Feel free to get in bed with the same people that tried to kill you with cigarettes if you choose, I choose NOT! Here's a few to look at!

Philip Morris - JUUL

RJ Reynolds - VUSE

Japan Tobacco Inc - Logic

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