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Using the "Children" To Lie to the Public About Vaping

It's illegal for "Children" to vape so why do they continue to use this lie?

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One of the oldest tricks in the book that those against anything use these days is "THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN". As a mother of five, grandmother of two, I'd say my concerns about children are at the highest level, but it has absolutely nothing to do with vaping. It's illegal for a "child" to vape or smoke. If you want to think about the children, make sure they learn to follow the law in the first place. Vaping is an adult issue, and as adults, we should have the right to make an informed choice with information presented that is not biased by people with another agenda.

The facts are, there is no evidence, anywhere, none whatsoever that has been proven, to show that secondhand vaping is harmful. Read that again in case you didn't understand that the first time. NO evidence. So vaping bans? No basis for them, outside of taking away the adult right to vape. The second issue, we don't have enough information about vaping to say it's safe. Really? Let's use some common sense then. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavoring, and Nicotine (sometimes) those are the four ingredients in every e-liquid on the market today. These products, outside of nicotine, are already used in products that we consume as food or inhale every day. So I think it's safe to say, we already know the truth.

Nicotine is the big dog in the room, so let's discuss that. To start, nicotine is not the ingredient in combustible cigarettes that causes, cancer, it's some of the 69 of 7,000 chemicals like Arsenic, Ethylene oxide, Formaldehyde, Nickel, Polonium-210, and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Getting the picture yet? So does Nicotine cause cancer? No. Is it addictive? Yes. That's the short answer. There's no reason to sugar coat the truth, and doing so doesn't get to the reality.

Now back to the original topic. The Children. As a mother would I rather my children vape, instead of smoke? Absolutely. Do I want my children vaping? Absolutely Not. Nor does any sane person because for the majority of the vaping community we see vaping as a cessation or alternative to smoking the highly dangerous combustible cigarette. We are not TARGETING the children, as some resources have said. We don't want children to vape. So please, stop the lies and using "THE CHILDREN" as your scapegoat because you can't prove that vaping is the demon you've painted it to be. It's ridiculous, makes you look like an idiot, and a blatant lie.

As an adult, I don't need the government telling me what is acceptable to inhale. If they want to do testing in a normal environment and show the benefits and risks, by all means, go forward, but to ban something when it is making me a healthier individual? The government has no right, period. End of story. And make no mistake, it has made me healthier. From a 2 pack a day smoker with a lung capacity of 68% in early 2015 to a person who vapes exclusively and was shown to have a lung capacity of 96% in July of 2017? Nothing you say will make a difference in my opinion of how much safer vaping is than smoking. This is my life you're trying to take, so forgive me if I don't stand by and let you destroy an industry that saved my life.

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