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12 Thoughts Everyone Has At Least Once While Shopping During The Summer Holidays

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1. "Crap. It's almost Christmas!"

2. "It feels like I have been doing laps around this carpark for eternity."

3. "OOOoo I found one! I found a park! FINALLY!"

4. "Oh no – it's just a ridiculously small car. Rude."

5. "Aha! That guy with all the bags looks like he's leaving. I'mma just stalk him until he leads me to his car."

6. "I have absolutely nailed this pressie for Mum, just quietly."

7. "But is it bad that the majority of the presents I've bought are for myself?!"

8. "How on Earth am I going to wrap this darn thing?"

9. "Oh, thank the Lord, my online pressies have arrived in time."

10. "Next year I'll be more organised."

11. "Right, that's it – I'm officially banned from doing any more shopping until at least March."

12. "Ugh, the Boxing Day sales are just too good though."

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