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12 Scenarios Every Online Shopaholic Will Relate To

HOLY SHIP! Shopping just got a whole lot better with Shipster, the new way to shop smarter this silly season.

1. When you order something online, forget about it, and then – bam! – surprise parcel!

2. Entering a promo code and seeing how the price drops.

3. Getting distracted by all the amazing stuff and forgetting what you actually need to order.

4. Considering buying a size too small or too big even though you know it's not gonna end well.

5. Remembering that you can totally return that pair of overalls you thought you could pull off.

6. Getting the notification when that thing you've been eyeing is back in stock.

7. The literal race against the clock to make your purchase before the timer runs out.

8. When you can't believe how good the savings are so you end up buying errythin'.

9. Looking through all the stuff you've added to the shopping cart and having to do the purge of what you don't actually need.

10. Ordering something and then immediately checking emails to see if it's been shipped yet.

11. Springing for express shipping when you're feeling extra fancy and important.

12. Having a zillion tabs open and wondering why your computer is slow.

Say hello to Shipster, the service that lets you shop without any surprises at the checkout. Start your free trial today, and enjoy free shipping on eligible purchases!

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