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14 Recipes That Prove Pulled Pork Is The Ultimate Midweek Hack For Busy Families

Featuring new and easy meals — perfect for enjoying your delicious pulled pork leftovers throughout the week.

If the thought of toiling away for hours in the kitchen after a long hard day of work fires up your nope reflex, allow me to present the antidote: pulled pork.

But hear me out, pulled pork is the definition of a kitchen hack. One batch of pulled pork makes for endless meal variations — each one effortless, speedy and worlds apart from another in terms of flavour.

Honestly, just try and find me a pairing more perfect or lower effort than that of a pork shoulder and a few hours in a dutch oven, slow cooker or even your good old conventional oven.

1. Pulled pork base recipe you can use again and again.

Rectangular dish of plain pulled pork

2. Pulled pork pasta that uses pantry staples for a low-fuss, high-taste mid-week dinner.

A plate of linguine and pulled pork ragu topped with freshly chopped parsley.

3. Jamaican-flavoured pulled pork because even if you're not dining out for a mid-week dinner, you can still recreate the flavours of a fancy restaurant-style main.

A pan of a pork shoulder that's halfway through being turned into pulled pork.

4. Pulled pork-stuffed sweet potatoes for a dinner where flavour and effort aren't correlated.

Close up of two sweet potato halves topped with pulled pork, slaw and a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

5. Mexican pulled pork that will level up taco Tuesdays.

Seasoned pulled pork in a teal serving dish. Tortillas, halved limes and another dish are blurred in the background.

6. BBQ pulled pork rolls for a simple, geometric take on a classic.

A plate of pre-bake BBQ pulled pork rolls.

7. BBQ pulled pork fries for comfort food from the the comfort of your own kitchen.

8. Pulled pork sliders with crunchy slaw that are a deceptively brilliant way for the whole family to get their daily serves of veggies in as the week gets underway.

An overhead shot of three pork sliders, with the slaw oozing out from the brioche bun edges, and a garnish of three halved gherkins.

9. Pulled pork-stuffed milk buns that are perfect on their own or as an upgraded dinner roll.

A milk bun pulled in half showing the pulled pork filling.

10. Pulled pork burgers because you just can't beat a classic.

A brioche pulled pork burger on a pale pink plate.

11. Pulled pork nachos that are both a one pan wonder and a family favourite.

Overhead shot of a cast iron pan of baked nachos with pulled pork, tomato salsa and a sour cream drizzle.

12. A refreshing salad of pulled pork, brussel sprouts and apple that's an exercise in flavour balancing.

13. Pulled pork-stuffed cornbread muffins that you'll want to make double of for lunch the next day.

14. And finally, balsamic pulled pork burgers with fennel slaw that'll make you question your pre-conceived notions of pulled pork pairings.

Three fennel slaw and balsamic pulled pork burgers, one of which has its burger top displaced.

Whether you're dishing up brekkie, lunch or dinner, pork is the simple and versatile meat that makes any meal shine. Discover even more delicious pork recipes at the Australian Pork website.