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18 Delicious Ways To Use Avocado That Don't Involve Smashing It On Toast

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But you can do so much more with Australian Avocados.

1. Tortillas With Prawns and Avocado Sweetcorn Salsa

Australian Avocados / Via

Add a bit of variety to your next taco party with these prawn-and-avocado numbers. Recipe here.

2. Black Forest Avocado Parfaits

Australian Avocados / Via

This parfait is made with avocado, which mean it's kinda healthy, right?! Recipe here.

3. Avocado and Nacho Salad

Australian Avocados / Via

That's right, SALAD. Recipe here.

4. Decadent Avocado Brownie With Easy Avocado Ice Cream

Louise Lister / Via

Creamy avocado replaces butter or oil in these rich chocolate brownies. Recipe here.

5. Spaghetti With Avocado, Spinach, and Basil Pesto

Louise Lister / Via

Get that creamy hit, sans cream. Recipe here.

6. Pulled Pork With Guacamole and Limes

Australian Avocados / Via

Lettuce leaves = the ultimate low-carb taco. Recipe here.

7. The Ultimate Chocolate-and-Avocado Torte

Australian Avocados / Via

Gluten-free and dairy-free means everyone's gonna want a piece of this chocolate torte. Get in quick. Recipe here.

8. Warm Moroccan Avocado and Roasted Vegetable Salad

Louise Lister / Via

This hearty salad is a meal in itself. Recipe here.

9. Avocado and Corn Salsa

Australian Avocados / Via

A refreshing twist on tomato salsa. Recipe here.

10. Quinoa, Avocado, and Poached Egg Salad

Australia Avocados / Via

A breakfast salad that will actually fill you up. Recipe here.

11. Chicken Chilli con Carne

Australian Avocados / Via

The zesty avocado salad helps balance out the spice of the chilli. Recipe here.

12. Avocado, Garlic, and Cheese Pull-apart

Louise Lister / Via

How to be the most popular person at a BBQ: Bring this. Recipe here.

13. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Australian Avocados / Via

Everything about this is good. Recipe here.

14. Grilled and Filled Avocado

Getty Images / Via

Once you've grilled the avos on the barbie, you can get creative with the fillings. Recipe here.

15. Zesty Balsamic Avocado

Australian Avocados / Via

Add some crusty bread and you've got yourself a great simple snack. Recipe here.

16. Noodles With Ginger, Garlic, and Avocado

Australian Avocados / Via

A basic recipe you can jazz up with chicken or prawns. Recipe here.

17. Avocado, Potato, and Parsnip Mash With Salmon

Louise Lister / Via

You'll never think about mash the same way again. Recipe here.

18. Creamy Avocado and Pistachio Mousse With Maple Syrup

Australian Avocados / Via

This might sound like a strange combo, but trust us – it's delicious. Recipe here.

When you're cooking with delicious Australian Avocados, the possibilities are endless!