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11 Outrageous Things You Can Actually Eat In Sydney That You'll Want To Photograph First

Eat with your eyes AND your stomach. Now stop drooling and get on a plane to Australia!

1. Mi Goreng Toastie, Dutch Smuggler

2. The Doshi, Fish Market Cafe

3. Sea Salt Soft Serve, Aqua S

4. Raindrop Cake, Harajuku Gyoza

5. Baoger, Belly Bao

6. French Toast, Cuckoo Callay

7. Starburst Dumplings, Luyu & YumYum

8. Bacon Mac Daddy, Cuckoo Callay

9. Roti Tisu, Mamak

10. Rainbow Bagel, The Tiny Giant

11. Bloody Hell, Bloody Mary's

Photos by Emily Gulli / BuzzFeed

Ready to eat your way through Sydney? Start planning your trip to Australia today.