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14 Important Things You Should Know Before Moving To Australia

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1. You can travel alone without feeling lonely.

"I travelled alone for a whole year and never felt lonely or scared. Australia is a safe and beautiful country where you'll meet amazing people, as long as you're nice and open-minded as they are."

– Aurore D

2. "Sanga" is short for "sandwich".

"I spent months pronouncing it san-jaaar in a very British fashion and assuming it was maybe a fish."

– Ruth H

3. The work culture is fairly relaxed.

"I find teaching a lot more enjoyable because you're allowed to just get on with teaching! Employers just let you get on with your job, and you're not expected to properly bust your balls every day."

– Rachel C

4. And people take their work-life balance very seriously.

"Aussies definitely work to live, not live to work, unlike other majour cities. Four weeks paid leave, yahooooo!"

– Gabriela M

5. Find a job that plays to your strengths.

"When I came for my working holiday, I gave private French lessons. As soon as I arrived in a new town (I was travelling all around), I'd leave a few ads in key places like the library or the train station. This way, I had a lot of students so could earn enough money to enjoy the rest of my time."

– Aurore D

6. Or do some local training after your arrive.

"Loads of my friends who worked in cafés had to do a barista course that taught them the basics of how to use a coffee machine."

– Frank M

7. Everything feels more affordable once you start earning Australian dollars.

"When I was converting everything back to pounds, it all seemed so expensive, but when I started earning Aussie dollars, I found it's more than relative to the UK."

– Rachel E

8. Bank holidays and public holidays are two different things.

"Bank holidays actually just mean the banks are shut, and public holidays can fall on any day of the week. That means it's perfectly normal for the entire country to stop working on a Tuesday...for a horse race."

– Alyxandra B

9. You don't have to choose between the city and the beach.

"I've learned it's possible to be in a majour metropolitan city and still be walking distance from the beach. Also, flip-flops (thongs) are never not a footwear option."

– Noah R

10. You can set up a bank account before you even move.

"You can open it online while you're still in your country, then when you arrive in Australia, you will just need to drop by a branch and grab your card. Easy peasy."

– Aurore D

11. Find a SIM-only phone deal with lots of international minutes.

"SIM-only deals are lifesavers for calling home."

– Frank M

12. "Manchester" is another word for household linen.

"After arriving, I was on the hunt for bedsheets, which were nowhere to be found in a department store. I was directed by the staff to ‘Go to Manchester’. I thought they were just being rude, and I was very confused, as I’d just come from there."

– Alex B

13. Keep an open mind and talk to everyone you meet.

"If you're travelling around the country, you will meet like-minded people. It is always a good idea to talk to them and exchange experiences because often they can recommend places to visit or stay that you might not think of or wouldn't find otherwise."

– Lara F

14. A "one-time holiday" to Australia just isn't enough.

"Australia is so beautiful and worth every minute of the flight. It's more than the Outback. There are so many different places to see and discover that a one-time holiday would never be enough! I have been told by a lot of people before that they love Australia, and I wondered what it is about this country that everybody who visits it just loves it. Turns out I feel exactly the same already."

– Lara F

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