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    31 Things You Need If You've Been Feeling Lonely

    We've got you.

    1. A deck of affirmation cards if you need a friendly reminder of how awesome you are. The best part about these cards is they're written with a dry sense of humor, so you'll still crack a smile even if you're feeling like a wet blanket.

    2. A ripped boyfriend pillow if you're in desperate need of some cuddles.

    3. Or a heated massager pillow if you prefer your dose of simulated human touch less romantic and more therapeutic.

    the black heated massager pillow

    4. A pair of long-distance friendship lamps so your BFF will always be with you in spirit even if they're miles away. These lamps are also great for long distance romantic partners and family members.

    a person glance down at a red long distance friendship lamp

    5. Some bag carriers since no one is around to help you carry groceries from the car to the front door. No more torturing your fingers!

    two people walking down the street carrying grocery bags with bag carriers

    6. A foaming lavender bath to help turn your solitude into a soothing self-care Sunday.

    a woman covered from neck to toe in bubbles soaking in a deep bath

    7. And a supportive bath pillow so you can rest your neck if you plan on being in there for a while, since there's obviously no one around to rush you out of the tub.

    the pillow on the edge of a filled bathtub

    8. Annnddd a pack of hydrating sheet masks to wear while you soak your sadness away.

    9. A clever and apropos "Spoon Me" ice cream cozy, because sweet snacks (not cold hands) are essential to enjoying solo nights at home.

    the spoon me cozy in pink with white text

    10. Or a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey in case your sweet tooth craves a little spice as well.

    The bottle of honey honey pouring onto a pepperoni pizza

    11. A productivity timer so you can turn your alone time into something constructive. This thing will help you compartmentalize those big, huge, overwhelming projects that you've been putting off into much more manageable tasks.

    a productivity timer photographed on a kitchen counter

    12. A silly cat hat so at least your four-legged friend can cheer you up. Let's be honest, pets are better company than humans anyway.

    a cat wearing the flower shaped cap

    13. Or a set of adorable cat figurines to decorate your plants with if you don't have any real pets to keep you company.

    the full set of cat figurines placed on a plotted plant

    14. A Jeopardy trivia book to keep your mind occupied with some brain teasers. This will also help fill the Alex Trebek-sized hole in your heart.

    the jeopardy trivia book opened its answer key

    15. A mini inflatable tube guy that's just short enough to fit on your desk and keep a smile on your face throughout the workday.

    the inflatable tube guy displayed upright on the floor of someone's home

    16. A 50-pack of stickers to remind you of your favorite characters from The Office. Your pals in Scranton got you through 2020, and they'll still be here for you in 2021!

    a collection of stickers depicting characters from The Office

    17. A vacuum wine stopper, since drinking alone often means you'll have wine to spare. Just put this in the bottle to replace the cork, and your wine will be nice and fresh for when you're ready to finish it later.

    18. And a Guzzle Buddy that'll basically transform the whole bottle into your personal glass until you're ready to plug that vacuum stopper in.

    the guzzle buddy attached to a bottle of wine

    19. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll create the illusion of a peaceful evening under the stars. If you're spending the night alone, you might as well treat yourself to some romantic vibes. The best love is self-love!

    20. An essential oil diffuser, since being alone gives you plenty of time to meditate. This machine also doubles as a very silent humidifier, purifying the air in your home without disrupting your peace and quiet.

    the essential oil diffuser near some holiday decorations

    21. A ridiculously plush fleece robe that'll make it you feel like you're on a solo staycation at a hotel instead of your home. If only this thing also came with some room service.

    22. And some slipper socks to go with your robe to keep yourself warm and cozy from head to toe.

    a person in plaid slipper socks

    23. A sleek lift-top coffee table to keep all of your board games, books and other fun distractions within arm's reach. Even on nights you aren't expecting guests, you can fill this thing with as many goodies as you need to entertain yourself.

    the lift top coffee table opened with books and snacks inside

    24. Or a bedside caddy if you prefer to relax in the comfort of your bedroom. Store your phone, remote and a couple of snacks in here and you're good to go.

    the bedside caddy with a remote and other items inside

    25. And an 1,800-thread count microfiber sheet set that's so luxurious you won't feel guilty about how much you love being alone in bed.

    a grey sheet set with matching pillow cases

    26. A white noise machine if sleeping alone feels a little weird sometimes. The soothing sounds from this machine will fill the eerie silence that's left in the absence of the snuggle partner.

    the small round device next to bed

    27. And a natural lavender aromatic mist to spray on your pillows so you can drift off to sleep with a bit of aromatherapy.

    three bottles of the lavender aromatic mist

    28. A box of organic Tulsi sweet rose tea, since there's nothing more comforting than cozying up on the couch with a warm beverage.

    a box of teas next to some rose pedals

    29. And a beautiful marbled mug to sip from.

    a pink marbled mug in front of a blue marbled mug and a grey marbled mug

    30. Annndddd a weighted drink holder to stabilize your mug and prevent spills as you binge your favorite show for the fifth time.

    the weighted drink holder holding a cup of coffee

    31. And a Two Minute Mornings journal with gratitude prompts to remind you of the good things in life when you're feeling down.

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