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    20 Tech And Gadget Products You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    The techies have spoken.

    1. A pair of noise-cancelling Anker headphones if you're still sharing your home office with chatty "coworkers" — AKA children, spouses, or roommates.

    a costumers black headphones photographed on a beige carpet

    2. A handy cleaning brush to dig out unwanted gunk from those hard-to-reach areas of your keyboard. It'll make your key stokes and your workflow a whole lot smoother.

    the brush being used on a black and silver keyboard

    3. Or a keyboard cover for anyone who simply wants to add some color to their laptop.

    a pink cover on the keyboard of a macbook pro

    4. A waterproof Kindle Oasis for long soaks — and long reads — in the tub.

    a hand holding up a kindle in the bathtub

    5. A surge protector with six pivoting outlets for gadget hoarders unconcerned with their electricity bill.

    the surge protector with two plugs inserted and four empty sockets remaining

    6. And a cord wrap to keep your wires nice and unknotted.

    a laptop with an iphone plugged in and a cord wrap shortening the wire

    7. An air purifier that reduces dust, pollen and other annoying allergens floating around in your home. The charcoal filter also helps reduce lingering odors!

    the air purifier next to a brown couch

    8. A portable laptop desk for remote workers who don't have the space for a real desk. Be honest, you'd rather work from your couch or your bed anyway.

    a person working on a computer that is placed on top of the portable desk in their lap

    9. And an attachable ring light to brighten up your appearance on those Zoom calls.

    makeup palette with circular ring light clipped on

    10. A fabric shaver for your worn-out clothes. It's also useful if you need to freshen up your couch after all the extra miles you put on it during quarantine.

    a customer holding a handful of fabric after using the fabric shaver

    11. A classy leather card holder that doubles as a phone case. Now that we all have to remember to grab our masks when we leave the house, it'd be smart to make some room in our brains and cross something else off the list — like our wallets.

    the brown leather card holder photographed on a work desk next to a pen and a feather

    12. An indoor herb garden if you've developed a green thumb but still aren't very outdoorsy.

    the herb garden on the kitchen counter of a brightly lit room

    13. A heated neck massager that'll also hit your shoulders and upper-back. It's perfect for people who spend all day hunched over their desks.

    the neck massager attached to the headrest of a drivers side car seat

    14. A mini Bluetooth speaker to deliver a surprisingly crisp and immersive sound.

    a hand holding the speaker as it syncs to their phone

    15. A smartphone sanitizer that'll keep your phone as clean as your thoroughly washed hands. Just place it in the dish and let the bacteria-fighting ultraviolet lights go to work.

    an iphone in the sanitizing case

    16. A treat-dispensing pet camera to make spoiling your four-legged friend so much easier. Think of it as a baby monitor with an HD camera and corresponding app that pops treats out with the press of a button.

    the dispenser popping out a treat for a small dog

    17. A bamboo charging station that'll give your desk a bit of character *and* some much needed organization.

    18. A sous vide precision cooker, which slow cooks your meats to perfection even when they're wrapped in plastic.

    a person placing meat wrapped in plastic into the cooker

    19. A sandwich maker that will LITERALLY cook your breakfast for you. If this sounds too good to be true, you're not alone. Reviewers were skeptical at first too until this inexpensive thing turned them into magicians in the kitchen!

    the sandwich maker with three sliding layers

    20. An electric wine opener, because nothing says tech-nerd like owning a device that makes doing something that's already pretty easy even MORE easy.

    a reviewer's wine opener displayed upright next to a bottle of wine on a kitchen counter

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