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    Just 30 Random Products We Really Love

    A Blockbuster board game, anti-slip snow boots, magnetic toddler toys, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    1. A super nostalgic Blockbuster board game that prompts you to remember your favorite movies and act out iconic scenes.

    2. A Unicorn Magic Canteen to seriously upgrade your water bottle collection. It's triple-insulated, allowing it to keep liquids cool for 25 hours and hot for 12 hours.

    Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Canteen

    3. A lemon verbena candle that'll brighten the smell of your home with subtle hints of sugar and vanilla.

    The Invigorate Candle surrounded by a bowl of lemons

    4. Or a sweet tea candle inspired by the city of Charleston for anyone familiar with southern traditions. Cleverly placed in a mason jar, this fruity and floral scent will remind you of long summer days and afternoons on the front porch.

    Charleston sweet tea candle in glass jar

    5. An environmentally friendly deodorant that'll do both your pits and the planet some good. Not only is it plastic-free, but it's also cruelty-free *and* aluminum-free.

    An open box filled with five Native deodorant sticks in different flavors and cardboard packaging

    6. A pair of anti-slip snow boots reliable enough for boot lovers *and* cute and comfortable enough for people who usually prefer sneakers.

    7. A jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp that'll kick the crap out of your taste buds and replace pretty much every other spicy sauce in your fridge.

    8. A two-pack of tinsel fringe curtains perfect for just about any festive occasion. Baby showers? Sure. Birthdays? Obviously. Your first post-pandemic house party? Abso-freaking-lutely.

    9. An automatic water fountain for those of us with picky pets who refuse to drink from regular bowls. My cats drank solely from *my* water glasses until I picked this up, and now I only have to wash/refill it once a week!

    A reviewer's photo of the white pet fountain and their cat

    10. An 8-foot power strip that'll make charging your devices while still using them so much easier. Few things are more depressing than having to plug your phone in and unplug from your Twitter timeline.

    11. An adjustable measuring cup to handle pretty much anything you throw at it — from easy and manageable liquids to sticky and gooey sandwich spreads.

    The measuring cup filled with milk

    12. A surprisingly affordable area rug, which is a lifesaver for people who are new to this whole adulting thing — why did no one tell us growing up how expensive rugs were going to be???

    blue, great, pink and yellow floral and geometric patterned rug

    13. A magnetic building toy if you're looking for something to entertain either your inner child or an *actual* child. This open-ended set comes with enough flexible shapes and pieces for a kid's imagination to truly run wild.

    14. A sharing bag of salted caramel popcorn that is so flavorful you won't *actually* want to share. Poppy specializes in hand-crafting deliciously unique flavor combos — and this is one of our faves!

    white bag with ziploc that says poppy popcorn

    15. These black leggings if you're shopping for a new pair but are a bit hesitant to order certain types of clothes online. Have no fear. These have over 2,000 5-star reviews, and are also a hit here at BuzzFeed.

    A reviewer wearing the leggings in black

    16. A pair of wireless earbuds to keep you in the zone during this never-ending pandemic — especially if you're into fitness and need to burn off some steam.

    small wireless earbuds in their charging base attached to a carabiner

    17. A 3-in-1 fanny pack that also functions as a stylish crossbody purse and an incredibly cute clutch — think of all the time you'll save not having to switch things from one bag to another with this thing in your life.

    18. A rose quartz neck serum perfectly suitable for both avid skincare experts and people just getting started with their first routine. It's meant to help improve firmness and elasticity, while reducing fine lines.

    A model rolling the neck serum onto their neck

    19. A pair of earrings from The Tiny Tassel if you're looking to glam up *and* support a Black woman-owned business in the process.

    20. A RED Delight chocolate bar for anyone craving a sugar-free snack throughout the day. This will satisfy your sweet tooth without you having to regret it the next time you visit the dentist.

    Person laying on grass eating chocolate

    21. Some silk hair scrunchies, which are naturally the next step for anyone familiar with the benefits of silk pillowcases and head wraps.

    black, white, and pink scrunchies on Rebecca's wrist

    22. A beaded name bracelet that's super cute and sort of reminiscent of things we used to wear as kids, making this a great gift for people of all ages!

    pastel beaded bracelets, one with a mickey mouse head–shaped bead

    23. A four-pack of Starbucks syrups for people who enjoy super sweet coffee. The best part about this is you can enjoy that signature Starbucks test without leaving the comfort of your own home, which is obviously a huge benefit these days.

    Me showing my coffee next to a bottle of hazelnut syrup

    24. A collagen super serum to help firm up your skin. This works great for people with oily skin, but it's also meant to help people with dry or combination skin!

    blue dropper bottle of product

    25. A pack of loose Italian sausage from Porter Road — which tastes way better than it sounds if you've never heard the term "loose" used to describe meat before. Just think of it the same way you think of pulled pork.

    a bowl of loose sausage

    26. A hooded puffer that's as sturdy as it is warm. A good winter coat should be thought of as an investment, and you certainly get your money's worth with this thing.

    model in black short hooded puffer coat

    27. A pair of very adorable socks from Sock Candy, which is appropriately named since throwing these on in the morning feels like an absolute treat every time.

    katy in blue and pink leopard print crew socks surrounded by other sock candy pairs

    28. A comfortable pair of period boy shorts for that absolutely excruciating time of the month.

    red high-waisted stretchy shorts

    29. A pack of noncarbonated cactus water that's sweetener-free, caffeine-free *and* only has 35 calories. Because sometimes flavored sparkling water isn't enough when you're trying to give up soda and not just sugar.

    cans of pricklee fruit water next to one that's a dark pink color poured into a glass

    30. A ChiliSleep cooling pad to help you get to sleep at the *exact* temperature you prefer. It's not too big, and it operates between 55 and115 degrees.

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