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    22 Pet Products Your Four-Legged Friend Would Give A 5-Star Review

    All that's stopping them is their unfortunate lack of opposable thumbs.

    1. A genius cat toy that'll keep your kitty entertained for so long it'll honestly make you jealous. I wonder what it must be like to not have bills or responsibilities.

    2. An adorable fruit tart pet bed you'll honestly both love — it'll be the one time you won't mind seeing a ball of fur in your dessert.

    BuzzFeed editor's photo of their cat sitting in the fruit tart bed

    3. A grooming glove — it can be used wet or dry to remove excess hair from your furriest friend *and* give them endless belly rubs at the same time.

    a collage of a reviewer using the grooming glove to groom their dog's hair

    4. A bacon-flavored wishbone chew toy so your dog can teethe on something other than your shoes for a change (which I've experienced firsthand while they were still on my feet). The best part about this toy is its curved shape makes it easy for small paws to get ahold of it. Your heart will melt the first time you see your dog going to town on this thing.

    White dog chewing on the Y-shaped toy

    5. A colorful bird toy because cats and dogs aren't the only pets that require a little stimulation every now and then. Perfect for caiques, conures, quakers, and ringnecks, this toy will provide your bird(s) loads of entertainment and stress relief (yes, birds get stressed out, too — you try having to poop on old newspapers).

    A bird and the bird toy

    6. A Wobble Wag Giggle ball that's as fun for dogs to play with as it is for humans to say. It comes an internal noisemaker and six pockets that'll keep your dog rolling and running like they're training for a triathlon.

    A very happy white, brown, and black dog sitting on grass with the ball in front of him

    7. A large toy duck — depending on your dog's personality, it'll either be tossed around and beaten like the rag doll that it literally is, or snuggled up with like your pup has been gifted a pet of their own.

    reviewer photo of their dog cuddling with the duck

    8. A treat-dispensing pet camera to make spoiling your four-legged friend so much easier. Think of it as a baby monitor with an HD camera and corresponding app that pops treats out with the press of a button.

    the dispenser popping out a treat for a small dog

    9. Or a geometric treat-dispensing toy for a more affordable (and possibly more fun) way to feed your pet without actually having to feed your pet. The toy's shape allows it to roll and bounce in unpredictable ways, so it'll always keep your dog on his or her toes...or should I say paws?

    10. Or! (Last one, I promise). A kibble-dispensing ball that reviewers say could aid digestion in fast-eating dogs by forcing them to slow down as they eat their food.

    The yellow and pink ball which has holes from which the treats fall

    11. An activity mat to add a little fun to their daily treats. It'll give them the opportunity to work their nose as they search for their snacks, and it'll also keep them occupied whenever you're in need of some peace and quiet.

    Reviewer photo showing two dogs playing with the activity mat

    12. A video game–inspired scratcher even the pickiest of kittens will fall in love with. The "buttons" on the console come with little bell balls inside. Your cat will play with this thing for so long you'll want to create a Twitch account for them.

    A cat on top of the video game scratcher

    13. A top-entry litter box with a grooved lid that'll clean your fur ball's paws as they climb out of it. Humans aren't the only ones who deserve a comfortable place to poop.

    Product photo showing a cat sitting on top of a litter box

    14. A fabric teaser your cat will enjoy so much you might as well get it surgically attached to your hand — because they'll never love you more than they do that elusive string. BONUS: The toy also contains catnip!

    a cat with the teaser under its paws

    15. An underwater gallery with lots of caves — ya know, for your fishies to hide in whenever they get tired of your guests gawking at them.

    a reviewer photo of the underwater gallery inside aquarium

    16. A dog treat mix designed to encourage healthy skin and nails, help reduce shedding and scratching, and aid digestion and overall health. All you have to do to prepare this protein-rich homemade treat is add oil and water and pop it in the oven.

    The container of dry mix

    17. A Chuckit! ball launcher for anyone with a particularly energetic pup. The extra distance this adds to your throw will tire them out quickly, which means way less barking and frantic activity around the house.

    The launcher

    18. A pet earwax cleaner that'll clean out all the gunk your fur baby has stored their little ears. Hopefully this means they'll hear you better when you tell them to pipe down during your Zoom meeting.

    19. A grooming rake specifically designed for dogs with dense fur to loosen and lighten their undercoat and prevent future mats. I mean just look at how neat and handsome the pooch in this photo looks. They deserve to be on the cover of doggy GQ!

    Reviewer photo of a husky sitting next to a pile of fur that's almost as big as itself and has been removed with the rake

    20. A silly cat hat so you can rake in those pet-lover likes on Instagram. Cats social media validation too. And, yes, it also looks adorable on dogs!

    a cat wearing the flower shaped cap

    21. A three-pack of colorful squeaking tennis balls that your pup *love* no matter many time you use them to play fetch. (Get it? LOVE?...That's a tennis pun!)

    A reviewer's lab sitting outside with three multi-colored tennis balls

    22. A subscription to DogTV, which, if you haven't guessed by the name, is a streaming service for dogs — because it's 2021, and like actual children these days, some people's fur babies prefer binging their favorite show over playing outside.

    Dog sitting on bed and looking at laptop

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