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    28 Things That Will Make You Basically Want To Live In Your Kitchen

    Welcome to amateur chef heaven.

    1. A splatter screen if you enjoy cooking but dislike being physically assaulted by bacon grease popping off the pan every morning.

    2. A Belgian waffle maker to help you step your breakfast game up beyond frozen toaster waffles. This nonstick, anti-overflow model from Chefman seems great for novice cooks. You’d actually have to try very hard to NOT make a perfect waffle in this thing.

    3. A pack of toaster bags for your grilled-cheese cravings — you may be too good for toaster waffles, but who wouldn't enjoy a warm and cheesy toaster sandwich?

    grilled cheeses in bags in a toaster

    4. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that you might as well top every meal off with. It's absurd how many things you can add this condiment to.

    The bottle of honey honey pouring onto a pepperoni pizza

    5. A set of airtight food storage containers to create a Pinterest pantry fit for an influencer. Plus they're freezer and top rack dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free!

    a pantry organized with about twenty labeled containers

    6. A set of very modern looking geometric trays that you can use to serve guests with.

    the full set of trays holding a mug and a few coffee beans

    7. Some fridge bins to save you some space *and* maybe a little bit of grocery money as well, since you'll actually be able to see what's in there and won't mistakenly buy things you don't need.

    a refrigerator with its contents neatly organized in clear bins

    8. A drawer set that'll look cool as hell when you post your morning tea on Instagram.

    the white draw set with each compartment holding packages of tea

    9. And a beautiful yoga mug to sip from. Peaceful poses decorating your morning tea could make for a very meta form of meditation.

    model's hand holding a mug with animated brown-skinned people in bright workout clothes doing yoga poses

    10. A roasted garlic aioli that overly enthusiastic condiment lovers (aka us here at BuzzFeed) have sworn by all year.

    a spoon filled with the roasted garlic condiment next to an open jar

    11. A veggie spiralizer to help you make homemade zoodles that'll taste way fresher than the pre-packaged ones people buy at the store.

    12. A garlic chopper that works almost like a children's toy. Just fill it with garlic, roll it around like a Hot Wheels car, and boom — you've successfully prepped an ingredient without slicing your fingers.

    13. And a prep-and-pour cutting board so you don't waste any of that freshly chopped garlic when adding it to your meal.

    14. A hard-boiled egg peeler that's also pretty fun to use. Just add 1/4 cup of water to the peeler with the hard-boiled egg inside, shake it like a little maraca, and the shell magically slips off. It's science!

    15. Or an electric egg cooker so simple you'll feel like it cooked your breakfast for you. It can make hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and even individual omelets.

    an electric egg cooker filled with eggs next to a plate of deviled eggs

    16. An Instant Pot to save you from having to master multiple appliances. This thing is basically a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and food warmer all in one.

    17. A three-in-one avocado slicer that allows you to split the shell, remove the pit, and slice through that creamy green goodness basically all at once.

    18. An electric spice and coffee grinder that'll help make your mornings AND your meals much more interesting. This Hamilton Beach model is of course great for coffee drinkers, but the most creative use for it would be to grind fresh herbs for homemade seasonings.

    19. And a battery-operated milk frother to go with your grinder. It'll make you feel like a fancy barista even if you're a relatively new coffee drinker.

    20. A pair of tabletop cereal dispensers for those of us who like to snack on Cheerios well into the afternoon.

    the cereal dispensing canisters side by side with knobs to release the food

    21. A pack of super-strong magnets, which will keep your beer/soda cold and handy at all times.

    22. A digital bread maker, since baking became a popular self-care hobby during the pandemic. This particular bread maker is apparently so easy to use, even experts who once preferred more old school methods wish they discovered it sooner. It'll be great for people just now discovering this surprisingly soothing coping mechanism.

    23. A sous vide precision cooker, which slow cooks your meats to perfection even when they're wrapped in plastic. The long and short of it is that it circulates water to the exact temperature needed to prepare certain meals. Think of it as a device that you can use to turn a pot into an air fryer — except there's water!

    a person placing meat wrapped in plastic into the cooker

    24. A can holder and kitchen wrap organizer that'll basically make the nonperishables in your cabinets as accessible as an aisle in the grocery store.

    the metal can holder fully stocked on a kitchen counter

    25. A sleek and minimalistic transparent knife block that looks very classy and barely takes up any counter space.

    the cylindrical transparent knife block holding a set of four knives

    26. A set of coffee pod drawers if you're still working remotely and thus looking for ways to make your home feel more like an office — I present to you, everyone's favorite part of the break room.

    the four tier drawer displaying a massive collection of coffee pods

    27. Or an inexpensive cold brew maker that BuzzFeed has been sharing with the world for ages — if our other readers love it, so will you!

    A cold brew maker on a kitchen counter next to a glass filled with iced coffee and a small bowl of coffee beans

    28. A Golden Girls dishwasher magnet you can use to let everyone in the house know whether the load in the machine is clean or dirty. It'll make living with roommates (elderly or otherwise) a whole lot easier.

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