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    36 Household Products With Small Price Tags And Major Results

    Aaand nothing is over $20.

    1. A headlight restoration kit that could potentially save you a trip to the auto shop and make life on the road a lot safer for you and fellow drivers.

    a before and after shot displaying a newly restored headlight

    2. An electric fabric shaver to keep your socks looking as new as the day you bought them. This will of course extend the shelf life of your favorite winter sweaters as well.

    3. Or an easy-to-use pill remover stone if the idea of a fabric shaver feels a little too hardcore for you (machines are overwhelming sometimes — even tiny ones). Just brush the pumice-like stone gently over your favorite knit, and your sweater will be as good as new.

    4. All-natural bottle cleaning tablets for your water bottle(s), which are super simple to use and probably fun to watch if you like seeing fizzy things. The best part is there's no scrubbing required.

    a before, during and, after photo set displaying a water bottle being cleaned with one of the tablets

    5. A drain snake so you can avoid those ridiculous plumbing bills whenever your sink needs unclogging.

    a reviewer's drain snake covered in hair after being used to unclog a bathroom sink

    6. And a TubShroom that'll prevent a clogged drain in the first place. Miraculously, this handy little thing can catch hairs while never disrupting the water flow.

    a hand holding a TubShroom over the drain with hair wrapped around it

    7. A pack of clear bumper stickers (no, not the kind that go on cars) to make your home a much quieter place. These will keep your drawers and cabinets from slamming shut, even if your house is haunted by very petty and rambunctious ghosts.

    Photo collage of the transparent stickers applied on different surfaces

    8. A colorful pack of leather cord organizers, which would be useful for anyone whose desk drawer is basically a bottomless abyss of jumbled wires.

    the leather cord organizers arranged in a color coordinated circle around a black organizer holding a white cord

    9. An adhesive remover to remove sticky residue left from price stickers and labels — which are ESPECIALLY annoying whenever I see them on kitchenware. Did you not know that I plan to eat off this, Mr. Manufacturer???

    10. A mini bottle of touch-up paint that'll cover up small, cosmetic imperfections that maybe visible on your walls or furniture (such as chips, scratches, stains, etc.).

    11. And an OxiClean laundry whitener + stain remover to accomplish something similar for your white clothes, brightening and restoring them their original color.

    a before and after shot displaying a reviewer's white paints after being cleaned with the stain remover

    12. A de-shedding glove that can be used to remove excess hair from your furriest friend *and* give them endless belly rubs at the same time.

    13. A jar of mink oil to transform your worn-out shoes, chairs, couches (really anything leather) back to how they looked when you got them. It also adds a layer of protection against water and salt marks.

    a photo set displaying a reviewer's boots before and after being cleaned with the mink oil

    14. Heavy-duty cleaning wipes that'll remove stains and splatters from any part of the house without feeling like you're *actually* cleaning. This feels like it's specifically made for people like me who can demolish an entire roll of paper towels over the course of a single weekend.

    a tub of heavy duty cleaning wipes next to a dirty microwave

    15. A Golden Girls dishwasher magnet you can use to let everyone in the house know whether the load in the machine is clean or dirty. It'll make living with roommates (elderly or otherwise) a whole lot easier.

    a hand holding the golden girls dishwasher magnet

    16. A garbage disposal cleaner to rid your home of unpleasant odors that come from particles stuck in your machine's pipes. Bonus: It has a fresh lemon scent.

    a garbage disposal in the process of being cleaned

    17. And a stainless-steel bar if you're tired of your hands smelling like the stuff that ultimately winds up in the garbage disposal when you're done washing the dishes.

    a hand holding the stainless steel bar over a kitchen sink

    18. A pack of generic melamine sponges that work just as well as the name brand sponges but are a lot cheaper.

    19. A window insulator kit if being inside all of 2020 made you realize how damn drafty your living room is. Think of the money you'll save on heat!

    20. Or these draft stoppers that attach to doors instead of windows.

    the draft stopper attached to a door

    21. A stainless steel cleaner to EVISCERATE existing grease stains, watermarks and fingerprints, *and* help prevent new ones from appearing.

    the bottom of a spotless stainless steel oven

    22. A bottle of spray-on gel that'll dissolve the years-old rust stains that have been grossing your house guests out for as long as you can remember.

    a photo set displaying a shower before and after being cleaned with the spray-on gel

    23. And a disposable cleaning wand, because the only thing worse than a rusty shower is a dirty toilet.

    a photo set displaying a toilet before and after being cleaned with the disposable cleaning wand

    24. Annnddd a bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray toilet spray to save you some embarrassment the next time you blow up the bathroom.

    the bottle of poo-pourri displayed next to some lemons

    25. An all-natural spot treater that's excellent for treating stains without bleaching the fabric.

    a photo set displaying a piece of white fabric before and after being cleaned with the all-natural spot treater

    26. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser you can use to tackle anything in the kitchen or bathroom — from rusty knives to stained porcelain sinks.

    27. A tiny, two-stage knife sharpener to repair and restore your knives just as quickly an easily as it appears in this GIF.

    28. Dye-trapping sheets for those of us who sometimes forget to separate our laundry (by forget, I of course mean actively choose to not do it and risk suffering grave consequences).

    29. A pack of elastic fasteners to prevent aggressive sleepers from ripping their fitted sheets off the mattress while tossing and turning.

    the elastic fasteners attached to a yellow fitted sheet over a white mattress

    30. A jewelry cleaning solution that'll make your diamonds shine so bright Rihanna may someday drop another song about it.

    31. A 4-in-1 cleaning brush to scrub the water and dirt marks off your precious suede and nubuck shoes (a dresser as snazzy as you shouldn't be seen with stains).

    32. A microfiber cleaning cloth that'll lift smudges off tablets, phones, or whatever other new-fangled touchscreen device Apple is currently cooking up.

    33. A pack of fenugreek-infused sheets for extending the shelf life of your produce if you're someone who often does big grocery hauls but then forgets to eat what you purchased, as you scroll Uber Eats for the fifth time this week.

    a glass bowl containing various fruits and a fenugreek-infused sheet

    34. Storage bin decals that'll help you organize your fridge *and* impress your mutuals on Instagram — since cute organization posts are all the rage on social media these days.

    food inside a refrigerator organized in clear bins labeled with the decals

    35. A handheld milk frother to have you feeling like a professional barista minus the long lines and Italian jargon.

    36. And a tabletop fireplace for anyone who doesn't live in a traditional suburban home but would still like to experience the luxury of sipping coffee (or cocoa) by the fire.

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