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    20 Appliance Upgrades You Absolutely Need In Your Life

    From big splurge purchases to small upgrades, now is the time to get your house in order.

    1. A Bissell Featherweight Stick allowing people with hardwood floors to ditch their brooms and dustpans for something a little less tedious. You can use this lightweight vacuum to clean up after hairy pets, crumb-dropping children, and occasionally messy adults (it’s extra effective if that last one applies to you).

    2. An electric spice and coffee grinder that'll make your morning ritual so much more interesting. This Hamilton Beach model is great for coffee drinkers, but the most creative use for it would be to grind fresh herbs for homemade seasonings.

    3. And a battery-operated milk frother to go with your grinder. What's a good cup of coffee without some frothed milk on top? This particular frother is a hit with reviewers with over 21,000 5-star reviews!

    4. An inexpensive cold brew maker for year-long iced coffee lovers. Not only is this one incredibly easy to use, it's also super stylish and looks good on any kitchen counter.

    A cold brew maker on a kitchen counter next to a glass filled with iced coffee and a small bowl of coffee beans

    5. An electric tea kettle, so you can finally kiss that outdated stove top model goodbye. This Hamilton Beach kettle is great for people who actually prefer a quick cup of instant coffee, as well as anyone who loves a good bowl of instant ramen.

    hand holds large kettle with window to show liquid inside and measurements

    6. A quality vacuum sealer to freeze and save foods for later — because we know you’re sick of using aluminum foil. This handy sealer promises to help protect your food from dehydration and freezer burns.

    Chicken being sealed on a kitchen counter

    7. A digital bread maker, since baking became a popular self-care hobby during the pandemic. This particular bread maker is apparently so easy to use, even experts who once preferred more old school methods wish they discovered this helpful little appliance sooner. It'll be great for people just now discovering this surprisingly soothing coping mechanism.

    8. A three-stage knife sharpener to repair, restore and polish your knives better than whatever basic sharpener came with your latest knife set. And this one even comes with a protective glove to wear as you go to work on your tools.

    A knife being sharpened on a kitchen counter with a protective glove also being used

    9. A stand mixer if you’re a more conventional baker. This particular model seems perfect for mixing batter for cupcakes and other sweet treats.

    10. An electric can opener to save time, aggravation, and, for people with disabilities or orthopedic concerns, great pain and inconvenience.

    The electric can opener next to a bowl of soup

    11. An electric wine opener for similar reasons, and the added benefit of introducing some cool tech to your dinner parties. This model comes well-recommended, and has a reasonable price point for such a luxurious gadget.

    A reviewer's wine opener displayed upright next to a bottle of wine on a kitchen counter

    12. A reliable handheld fabric steamer to sanitize and refresh your wrinkled clothes. This small, compact model is great for frequent travelers, or people who are just too lazy to iron.

    13. A tricked-out and generously sized smart grill for when it gets too cold to cook outside. This Ninja XL indoor grill is perfect for kitchen counter pitmasters.

    14. A Roomba — AKA everyone’s favorite robot vacuum cleaner. This popular product from iRobot has been a bestseller for years, and the results seem to justify the price.

    An Roomba vacuuming a hardwood floor

    15. A convection toaster oven, although air fryers are all the rage right now. Contrary to popular belief, air fryers aren’t as innovative as some may think. They essentially do the same thing as toaster ovens, except they hold less food (despite sometimes taking up just as much space on a kitchen counter), and look super awkward and out of place in most homes.

    An open toaster with its door open displaying a personal pizza baked to perfection

    16. An air purifier to filter and deodorize rooms polluted with smoke, dust, and even pollen. This particular model is apparently much quieter than other brands. It also looks pretty darn cool in almost any room.

    17. A Belgian waffle maker for a homemade breakfast, in case you ever get tired of popping frozen waffles in the toaster. This nonstick, anti-overflow model from Chefman seems great for novice waffle makers. You’d actually have to try very hard to NOT make a perfect waffle in this thing.

    18. A NutriBullet — the blender that “health is wealth” Instagram will NOT stop posting about. Some products are popular for a reason, though, and the NutriBullet absolutely lives up to the hype.

    19. A 16-gallon “double trash bin” to separate your recyclables. Unlike with most bins, the pedals actually last on this one, and the fingerprint-proof stainless steel is a nice touch.

    A stainless steel double trash can in the kitchen of a reviewer's home

    20. A noncontact forehead thermometer, since this pandemic won’t be ending anytime soon. This simple device reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and is FDA-cleared.

    A forehead thermometer displayed outside its packaging

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