What Would You Do If You Had All The Money In The World?

Throw a party or help save the world? A recent r/AskReddit inspired some heartfelt and bizarre answers.

1. Have you ever thought about what you would do with your life if money wasn’t an issue?

Columbia Pictures / Via giphy.com

2. Maybe you’d remove yourself from society and throw Gatsby-like parties?

Warner Bros. / Via giphy.com

3. Or would you go to college, but only take classes that interest you?

Hongqi Zhang/Hongqi Zhang

4. Maybe you’d want to buy a big farm and hang out with a bunch of animals all day, because who needs people?

5. Perhaps you’d want to travel the world via motorbike because planes and cars just aren’t the same.

New Line Cinema

6. Or you could just say “fuck it” and still pursue your dream career.

FOX / Via mandatory.com

7. You could always open a rescue shelter for dogs and dedicate your life to saving the pet population.

8. So, think long and hard about what you would do, and share it with us below!

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