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Watch This Dude Risk Everything In His Pockets To Save His Dying Drone From Drowning

Pretty funny, if you ask me.

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What started out as nice lakefront drone flight with the family, quickly took a turn for the worse when a man realized his very expensive drone was losing battery life above the water. /

"A boat, I can use that," he probably thought. "Wait, NO, I don't have time to paddle all the way out there to rescue my beloved remote control aircraft!" /

Meanwhile his daughter waves with joy and happiness, unaware of the horror that is actually unfolding around her. /

It's quite obvious that only one member of this family was actually aware of the dire situation they were all in.

Just as the man began running into the lake, he thought "WAIT, I HAVE THINGS IN MY POCKET THAT CAN'T GET WET!" /

But they ended up getting wet.

Luckily, he was able to get there just in the nick of time. WHAT A CLUTCH SAVE. /

Ahhhh, relief...

Watch the entire video of the harrowing situation below:

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