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Tampa Bay Buccaneers And Manchester United Owner Malcolm Glazer Dies At 85

He died early Wednesday morning after suffering from poor health in recent years. The Glazer family bought the Buccaneers in 1995, along with Manchester United in 2005.

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Malcolm Glazer, the Palm Beach-based billionaire who owned the English soccer team Manchester United and the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers died today at the age of 85, the Bucs announced.

A. Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Born in Rochester, N.Y., in 1928, Glazer had been in frail health since 2006 after two strokes left him with impaired speech and little mobility in his right arm and leg.

The Glazer family bought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL franchise in 1995. The team went on to win its first and only championship after the 2002 season. Glazer then bought Manchester United in 2005, with a reported $1.47 billion purchase that was opposed by fans of the team. United went on to win five Premier League titles (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013), along with winning the 2008 Champions League title, under Glazer's ownership.

Glazer's widow, along with their five sons and daughter will continue to hold ownership of the Buccaneers, the team said.

No other information has been released at this time.