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    Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on Aug 28, 2014

    Someone Flew A Drone Over The Insanity That Is Sorority Bid Day

    It's like the Sorting Hat, but for college girls.

    Aerial footage captured above Sorority Bid Day at the University of Central Florida in Orlando shows just how exhilarating Greek life's Sorting Hat process can be.

    Fly High Media

    Per authoratative site Sorority Ever After:

    Long story short: Bid Day is the day when sororities (and fraternities) welcome their new sisters into their chapter. It is a wonderful celebration of the hard work the chapters put into recruitment and a very special celebration for the new members, who get to put their letters on for the first time.

    And at the University of Central Florida, Sorority Bid Day is a massive, chaotic-looking round of Rush Week Red Rover.


    Fly High Media /


    Fly High Media /


    Fly High Media /

    Only the best get crowned...or so they say.

    Warner Bros.

    Watch the full video by Fly High Media below:

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    Fly High Media /

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