How Stereotypically Frat Are You?

Are you good enough to hang in the frat castle, or are you destined for cargo shorts?

    1. Been the offspring of a fraternity man?
    2. Played only “real” sports growing up?
    3. Been Voted “Most Athletic” in high school?
    4. Been Voted “Most Likely To Become President” in high school?
    5. Been Voted “Best Dressed” in high school?
    6. Hated soccer because it’s boring?
    7. But loved golf?
    8. Celebrated the 4th of July because it’s the best holiday of all-time?
    9. Had a discussion about “Wolf of Wall Street” being the greatest American film ever made?
    10. Casually jumped on the World Cup bandwagon, because ‘MERICA?
    11. Seen Dave Matthews Band in concert?
    12. Multiple times?
    13. Had a plethora of pastel-colored shirts in your closet?
    14. Near a pair of salmon shorts?
    15. Next to a Vineyard Vine hat?
    16. Adjacent to your favorite pair of Ray-Bans?
    17. Beside a pair of Sperry’s?
    18. Worn a shirt and tie to class?
    19. Worn a certain clothing brand because it’s a status symbol?
    20. Refused to wear a certain clothing brand because it’s lame?
    21. Hated cargo shorts?
    22. Been hazed?
    23. Cowered at the thought of “Hell Week?”
    24. Had someone treat you like shit?
    25. Befriended someone who used to treat you like shit?
    26. Been best friends with someone who used to treat you like shit?
    27. Responded to a ridiculous nickname you were given a while ago?
    28. Blamed others for your own drunken mistake because they should’ve stopped you?
    29. Gotten pissed at others for attempting to stop your drunken mistakes?
    30. Taken an easier managerial role because the top is too much responsibility?
    31. Still thought your role is the most important?
    32. Lived in a big house with a large group of people?
    33. Given that house a nickname?
    34. Broken something in that house?
    35. Participated in a philanthropy event?
    36. Exaggerated the number of Community Service hours you’ve done?
    37. Skipped an important weekly meeting?
    38. Missed nothing in that meeting?
    39. Referred to someone as a “GDI?”
    40. Come to an overwhelming agreement that GDIs are the worst?
    41. Skipped class to day-drink?
    42. Multiple times?
    43. Drinking currently?
    44. A Natural Light, Busch Light, or Keystone?
    45. Participated in a Power Hour?
    46. Pre-gamed the pre-game?
    47. Casually done a 30-second keg stand like it was no big deal?
    48. Danced at a house party like it was a night club?
    49. Drunkenly offended a group of strangers in the street?
    50. Didn’t care?
    51. Participated in After Hours?
    52. Drunkenly made a phone call or sent a text after bar close?
    53. Woke up not regretting it?
    54. Treated a weeknight like the weekend?
    55. Preferred Thursday over Friday and Saturday?
    56. Canceled out your weekend of drinking by working out on the reg?
    57. Attended a toga party?
    58. Been to a formal event?
    59. Gotten way too drunk at a formal event one time?
    60. Been invited to another formal event again?
    61. Coveted your intramural title just as much as your state championship?
    62. Gotten in a heated argument over intramural sports?
    63. Been kicked out of an intramural game?
    64. Went on Spring Break?
    65. Told people “I don’t know if I’ll come back alive” before you went?
    66. Actually questioned whether you’d come back alive?
    67. Participated in an MTV event on Spring Break?
    68. Already have a job lined up after college?
    69. Planned on inheriting a large sum of money from your oil tycoon family?
    70. Been best friends with Johnny Manziel?

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