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15 Indisputable Facts That Prove You Should Only Wear Professional Wrestling T-Shirts

Basically, they're the best thing to ever happen to cotton. You should ditch everything else in your closet.

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3. You can hate everyone, but still be "The Best In The World."

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CM Punk recently "walked out" on the business, but will always be considered the "Best In The World" by many. The T-shirt design pays homage to his hometown of Chicago and straight-edge lifestyle.

Make the "Best In The World" shirt yours.


5. You can do it even if you're group is slightly less cool than the others.

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D-Generation X, Vince McMahon's answer to WCW's NWO, pushed the Monday Night Wars to a new level, but the T-shirts still weren't as cool as their competitors.

Make the "D-Generation X" shirt yours.

8. You'll be super popular with all your online friends.

WWE / Via

Zack Ryder, the self-proclaimed Internet Champion, is a fan-favorite and boasts one of the most entertaining twitter accounts in the WWE. His T-shirt is so "bro" that you'll be drinking out of Solo cups by the end of the night.

Make the "Broski" shirt yours.


10. Reddit will love you, but also hate you.


The internet is not a fan of John Cena, but impressed them when he combined two of the greatest hobbies of all-time, professional wrestling and video games, into one super cool T-shirt.

I'm looking at you r/squaredcircle.

Make the "8-bit" shirt yours.

12. Wearing them will give you access to impeccable one-liners.

WWE / Via

The Rock has a long list of various t-shirts with his own catchphrases on them. The WWE can basically thank Dwayne for naming their Friday night show, Smackdown, along with their hugely popular video game series.

Make the "Just Bring It" shirt yours.


13. You will have the power to start a cultural phenomena.

WWE / Via

Stone Cold cut the "Austin 3:16" promo at the '96 King of the Ring and turned the catchphrase into one of the most popular wrestling shirts of all-time. By many, this is considered the beginning of "The Attitude Era."

Make the "Austin 3:16" shirt yours.