27 Stellar Photos Of Earth Taken From Space

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s some incredible photos taken from space, showing just how amazing this planet really is. All photos courtesy of NASA and Commander Hadfield.

1. Sochi, Russia

2. Spain and Portugal at night

3. Antwerp, Belgium

4. Montreal, Canada

5. Betsiboka River, Madagascar

6. Southwestern Europe

7. Vancouver, Canada

8. New York/New Jersey, United States

9. Moselle River, Germany

10. Nardò, Italy

11. Bamenjing Reservoir, Cameroon, Africa

12. Argentinean Coast

13. United States of America

14. Northern Europe with Northern Lights in the distance

15. Southern Lights near Australia and Antarctica

16. Earth at night

17. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

18. Crater Lake, Oregon

19. Antarctica

20. Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

27. Moon rise over a cloudy Earth

Happy Earth Day!


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