22 Struggles Only Bros Will Understand

You don’t bro me as well as you think you do.

1. We must abide by a strict code.

2. Being this good-looking…

Fox Searchlight / Via tedmosbyisnotajerk.tumblr.com

…is not easy.

Cartoon Network / Via askjohnnybravo.tumblr.com

3. There are only so many pastel colors to choose from.

4. People don’t know whether to love us or hate us.

5. Paying attention in class is mad difficult.



6. There are only six Jack Johnson albums to choose from.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

7. And there just hasn’t been enough Dave happening, lately.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

I mean, come on… 70 tours and over 2,000 shows just isn’t enough.

8. The competition is stiff in our society.


9. And Inflation is hitting us hard.

10. The weekend is a full-time job in itself.


11. Jägerbombs have 160 calories, 14 grams of carbs, and ZERO grams of protein.

Oliver Grallert / Via Flickr: 56962471@N00

Not ideal for the beach bod.

12. Only 23 states border the ocean.

Ljupco/ Ljupco

People actually live in the other 27?

13. People still want us to wear socks.


Not going to happen.

14. People hate when we call each other “bro.”

15. Others expect us to drink whiskey.


But, we all know those non-bro drinks are fucking tasty.

16. Hearing people incorrectly quote Top Gun is the worst.

Paramount Pictures/ giphy.com


Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash.

17. We’re always expected to match at sporting events.


18. Blue Mountain State was canceled.

Spike TV / Via johnnybg00d.tumblr.com

And it’s never coming back :(

19. And the Entourage movie still isn’t out yet.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

20. Gaming is as frustrating as picking out a pastel-colored shirt.

TV Tokyo / Via aanniimmee.tumblr.com

21. Our emotional state is constantly in question.

22. We understand ridiculously high standards have already been established.




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