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    The Sad, Harrowing Evolution Of Every White T-Shirt You've Ever Owned

    50 percent cotton, 50 percent stains and sadness.

    Look at this white t-shirt. Look at its unblemished, flawless color. Feeling a tingly sensation inside? Me too.

    AleanA / Via

    White t-shirts are ethereal, and they carry superpowers only known to white t-shirts.

    Alexander Wang / Via

    They make any average Joe or JoAnne look sexier, and they turn an otherwise ordinary outfit into an extraordinary outfit.

    Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

    But as time lapses and the tides turn, something strange inevitably happens to our white t-shirts.

    Pinterest / Via

    Our prized white Ts, which were, at initial purchase, the color of the whitest, purest snowflake; the soft hue of a newborn polar bear's outermost layer...

    Target / Via

    ...inescapably become a shit-brown, crusty, sweat-filled raggedy XL-sized skid mark.

    Jemima Roblin / Via


    Jemima Roblin / Via

    Proof, from the people:

    I got my white t shirt dirty before even leaving my house

    I can't own white shirts.. they last 3 minutes😊🔫

    I can't own white shirts I dirty them all

    Yup that's it I can't own white shirts!

    Worked my butt off today, and then some. my white shirt is now brown.

    Let that sink in.

    Tumblr / Via

    After wearing your white t-shirt to dinner four times and washing it twice:

    Rescue & Revive / Via

    After walking three blocks in your white t-shirt:

    Top Cleaning Secrets / Via

    The day after purchasing your white t-shirt:

    After three months of casually wearing your white t-shirt:

    Shred or Die / Via

    What your white t-shirt once looked like:

    Good Housekeeping / Via

    Just to drive the point home—do you see how crisp, garden-fresh, and youthful white t-shirts start out as?

    Good Housekeeping / Via

    Do you want to feel old? This is your white t-shirt now.

    Pins Daddy / Via

    A moment of silence for all of the white t-shirts that've somehow molded, mildewed, and rotted away. We miss you.

    Paul Buck / Getty Images

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