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Sarah Silverman Wants To Remind Us That We're All Just Specks Of Dust

We're all just molecules, cutie.

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She talks extensively about cum.

She delves into religion.


She talks about having a fellow celebrity's lips, only hers are located elsewhere.

As a child, she forced herself to eat jelly sandwiches at the demand of the nuns who were babysitting her, or else. least until she explains that, while in a drug-induced haze and unable to use her words due to an in-place breathing tube, the only way she could communicate was by drawing. So she drew this for the nurse:


Apart from her new special, Sarah's also a riot on Twitter dot com.

I'm not gonna lie to you because you deserve better than that: I have an itchy asshole

It sounds like a crude joke to say I exploded from my father's balls &out his penis hole, but it's true. Amazing to think I was so thin..

Kudos to @TEDChris for making TED an unsafe haven for all! You're a barnacle of mediocrity on Bill Gates' asshole.

And just for the heck of it, here's an explicit video of Sarah expressing how much she loves a certain type of cheese.

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