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18 Things You'll Relate To If Your Air Conditioner Is Your Soulmate

Can't talk back, always there for you, and makes you feel good.

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1. Here it is. The love of your life: the air conditioner.

Instagram: @hailie_rae1

2. It doesn't talk back, it makes you feel good, and it's always there for you.

Instagram: @carterisom

3. You food shop with it.

I love my new air conditioner

4. 'Til death do you part.

I love my window air conditioner more than life itself

5. Cryogenically frozen with your partner? Yes please.

I love my new air conditioner so much im letting it freeze me into the silent yonder of the next life

6. You can't sleep without it...

Sun Frost / Via

7. ...and if you do, you're dripping sweat the entire night, because your body is feeling unloved and abandoned.

Michael Dodge / Getty Images

8. When it's broken, you're broken.

Pinterest / Via

9. It's there for you when you get home from a long day.

Home Depot / Via

10. This image gets you horny.

The Sweet Home / Via

11. Relationship status:

Airconco / Via

12. Babe.

Airconco / Via

13. People try to make plans with you, but you turn them down because you want to kick back, relax, and watch a movie with your babe.

Austin Gebbia

14. Sometimes you walk into a room and detect that your soulmate's ex-lover may be present...

Giphy / Via

...a heater.

Home Depot / Via

15. Those who care about you tell you that you're wasting money and electricity on your unhealthy attachment.

Lifetime / Via

16. Your friends often complain and say your beloved partner is "cold" and sometimes "too loud."

Mashable / Via

17. But like any other relationship, you have to make sacrifices.

Pinterest / Via

18. And in the end, it's all worth it. Love makes you do crazy things.

Airconco / Via

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