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Posted on Jun 16, 2017

Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You If You Just Generally Ruin Everything

Sorry for spilling that. And burning the house down. Oh, and breaking your car's engine.

  1. Your friends have told you, flat-out, that you generally suck and are incapable of existing without wreaking havoc wherever you go.

  2. You dropped a glass item in your kitchen, like, this week.

  3. You have absolutely zero control over your flailing limbs, and they've been the cause of many destructions.

  4. You always manage to forget the *one* item (the easiest one the host could've asked for) that you were asked to bring to the party.

  5. You've knocked over a drink while reaching over the dinner table to grab a plate, thus ruining someone else's meal.

  6. You are the downfall of every group photo you've ever partaken in.

  7. As a child, you were the reason every game of Pick-up Sticks was a complete and utter disaster.

  8. You've canceled plans with a group of people, even though you were their source of transportation to wherever you were going.

  9. You've almost set yours or somebody else's house and all of their precious belongings aflame. 

  10. You've clogged a toilet at a party, then pretended it never happened.

  11. You are not to be trusted with sharp objects, similar cutlery, or anything with a serrated edge.

  12. Oh, look! A friend's grandmother's fine china, encased in a protective, sparkly glass. You will most likely find a way to fucking shatter the entire thing.

  13. You walk away from your computer with the headphone wire still stuck inside of it almost every day.

  14. You always laugh at the wrong times and in extremely inappropriate situations, like in the middle of the closing paragraph of a eulogy.

  15. You are not to be trusted anywhere near children, nor has anybody ever asked you to babysit.

  16. You've attempted assembling furniture, only for it to crumble shortly thereafter right before your eyes.

  17. You unintentionally have nearly killed or poisoned your friends.

  18. At some point, the gas in your car has run out, all because you were too lazy to go to that one gas station that seemed out of the way.

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