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Posted on Jun 22, 2017

Could You Survive In Outer Space?

*Insert Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote here*

  1. WOW! You just found out you're eligible for a trip to outer space.

  2. Congratulations: you're in outer space. You're aboard a spacecraft with important people from NASA! 

  3. How long can you hold your breath?

  4. Are human beings alone in the universe?

  5. What does NASA stand for?

  6. Who was the first man to step foot on the moon?

  7. What is a galaxy made of?

  8. If an asteroid is hurtling towards you, what're you supposed to do?

  9. When was the Hubble Space Telescope launched into low Earth orbit?

  10. What is a blackhole?

  11. How many planets are there?

  12. What is the moon made of?

  13. Who would you rather have sex with?

  14. Does the earth travel around the sun or does the sun travel around the earth?

  15. Which planet in our solar system has the most oxygen?

  16. Is time real?

  17. What planet in our solar system has the most gravity?

  18. What is the Big Bang Theory?

  19. If you take your helmet off in space, what happens?

  20. Do you ever want to just float away in space to get out of going to work, showering, giving your dog a bath, and all other trivial life pursuits?

  21. You see Sandra Bullock's lifeless body doing flips next to Mercury, and she's pleading for help. What now?! 

  22. Do you believe in God?

  23. How long will human footprints last on the moon?

  24. 99% of our solar system's mass is the sun

  25. What is a light-year? 

This week, we're talking about preparing for and surviving the worst things imaginable. See more Disaster Week content here.

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