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15 Things That Will Make You Laugh, Then Say, "Oh Shit, I Need To Cancel Tonight's Plans"

"When are you coming?" ... "I'm not."

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Hey girls and boys, IT'S FRIDAY!

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You know what that means?

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Some bad news: It's time to cancel the plans you made while some extra serotonin was pumping through your brain on Tuesday night.

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Yup, I'm sorry—just do what you always do: Make up an excuse, turn your phone off, and pretend that nothing ever happened!

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To cope with the self-loathing that is to come, please enjoy fifteen incredibly relatable things that will remind you to, yes, cancel tonight's plans immediately.

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1. The irony: you'd have to commit a crime and you can't even commit to dinner plans.

Wanna-Joke / Via

2. What I look like every Friday while everyone else is "getting ready."

3. Ballsy to cancel plans on a fiery guy who holds a pitchfork, but fuck it, I'd do it.

Funny Junk / Via

4. I'll even go as far as sending a follow-up thank you note.

ABC / Via

5. Drug of choice: sending "I can't come" texts.

Comedy Central / Via

6. There is no feeling—NONE—more powerful.

Sizzle / Via

7. Pretty much.

Cabbage Cat Memes / Via

8. Feigning enthusiasm is a skill that only those who regularly pull out of plans have mastered. / Via

9. Medical emergency? CAN'T COME, BYE! / Via

10. That's a nice way to put it.

Sarcasm Only / Via

11. Dog died, grandpa fell down the steps, my mom got in a boating accident, my friend has a rash and needs me to rub ointment on it, etc.


13. The group chat perpetually looks like this.

On Sizzle / Via

14. I miss the old Kanye, the cancel plans Kanye.

FunnyAnd / Via

15. And finally, the text exchange that sums up my existence: / Via

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