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    13 Painful Struggles You Relate To If You're Unlucky Enough To Have A 16GB iPhone

    I wonder which app I'll have to delete today.

    Hi, I'm Sarah Mclachlan. Do you or someone you know suffer through life with a 16GB iPhone?

    Life with a 16GB iPhone is grim. It's dark and macabre. There is, quite literally, no room for carelessness or add-ons.

    The world is angry.

    Ya MCM got a 16GB iPhone. He can't take off guard pics of you while y'all on dates.

    My biggest fuck up in life was getting a 16gb iPhone, idk what I was thinking

    Im fucking mad , fuck my iPhone and it's bullshit 16GB piece of shit memory

    Never getting a 16gb iPhone again

    Just cleared 4GB off my iPhone 5s. I hate having a 16GB phone...🙇🏻

    1. The truth:

    2. I DeLeTed AlL My ApPs aNd I dOn'T KnOw WhAT To Do NeXt BeCauSE I StiLl HaVe No StoRaGe.

    3. UGH.

    4. When you only have literally two photos, one video, a boomerang of your grandma falling down the steps, and a day's worth of footsteps recorded in the Health app:

    5. When you can only squeeze three songs from your "Recently Added" playlist to your iPhone, only to swap them with another three the next week:

    6. Every. Single. Day.

    7. When somebody is sending you a photo of their shirt to get your opinion, but you don't receive it and it stays on this circular, grey hole for eternity:

    8. When you cracked your screen and a refurbished one is on its way in the mail and you have to backup your contacts to iTunes:

    9. But then, once you realize you can't, you call Apple to see what the alternative is. They tell you to back your shit up via iCloud. You try, and this pops up:

    10. You begin to spiral and wonder if you even care about the contacts in your phone.

    11. When you're in a group setting and you know somebody is going to volunteer your phone to take group photo, but you can't fit it:

    12. When your rich friend boasts about how they have 3,293 photos stored in their camera roll:

    13. When you want to download an additional app because life with only iMessage, Safari, and Stocks is too dull:

    I'd record myself crying just to show you how much it hurts me, but I don't have the storage to do so.