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This Is Your New Life Coach

"Your brain can change your DNA...My metabolism right now is a crotch rocket...Lift heavy things...Nobody has abs anymore...Facebook and bread are poison." Brain. Hurts. So many quotable things!

austindufault • 6 years ago

Tom Waits/Cookie Monster

This was a long time coming. Sure it should have happened before. Just be glad it's here now.

austindufault • 8 years ago

Hypnotic Lightbulb Ballet

Exactly what the title says, and better than you think.

austindufault • 8 years ago

Hobbit On The Bus

"Excuse me but does this bus go to Mordor?"

austindufault • 8 years ago

Keep This In Mind You're At The Beach

Remember this creepy alien-looking squid with elbows that was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago? It (and its relatives) are out there somewhere. Just sayin'.

austindufault • 8 years ago

Dubstep Symphony

Even if you aren't into dubstep, this is a must see. The BBC Philharmonic teamed up with dubstep/drum and bass producers Nero for this genre-defying performance. Skip ahead to the 15:50 mark for the big finish!

austindufault • 8 years ago

Painfully Bad Stoner Song

'Puff Puff Give' is like Rebecca Black's 'Friday' but for Portland hippies. Warning: includes a rap by a white guy with dreads. Watch at your own risk!

austindufault • 8 years ago

Presumed Internet Rapper Takes One Hit of Weed and Promptly Passes Out

Really, it is what it is. Slight beginnings of freestyling, one hit...floor.

austindufault • 8 years ago

Drunk Guy Dancing To Single Ladies

Watch this drunk guy's dazzling rendition of "Single Ladies" at the Minnesota State Fair.

austindufault • 8 years ago