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    27 Reasons LGBTQ People Need Jesus Too

    Sometimes people think that just because you're LGBTQ, you automatically not spiritual. But really, we need Jesus just as much as the straight dude next to us. Here are 27 reasons why.

    1. I need Jesus to deal with all of the haters.

    2. I need Jesus because I have bad Mondays just like everyone else.

    3. I need Jesus because He tells me I'm worth it, even when I feel that I'm not.

    4. I need Jesus when there is a long line at chipotle.

    5. I need Jesus because of the struggle of crushing on a straight person.

    6. I need Jesus to help me forgive and move on.

    7. I need Jesus to help me deal with all the homophobes.


    8. I need Jesus because He knows what it's like to be mischaracterized, misunderstood, and marginalized by religious leaders and fellow believers simply for disclosing His identity.

    9. I need Jesus because He was also criticized for being "deviant" from what society expected of him.

    10. I need Jesus when I fail an algebra test.


    11. I need Jesus when I get an A- and don't know how to tell my Asian parents.

    12. I need Jesus because He's the one who finally convinced me to come out of the closet, especially to myself.

    13. I need Jesus so somebody can take the wheel while I'm updating Instagram on the freeway.

    14. I need Jesus because He was a rebel WITH a cause.

    15. I need Jesus because, despite what religions tell me, I am also a child of God, and I am deserving and worthy of God's love.

    16. I need Jesus because Christian rock is one of my secret obsessions.

    17. I need Jesus when my chips get stuck in the vending machine.

    18. I need Jesus because when it feels like nobody loves me, I know He still does

    19. I need Jesus because when I was too scared and confused to talk about my feelings with anyone, I could talk to Him.

    20. I need Jesus to get me through the off season of all of my shows.

    21. I need Jesus because He is easier to contact than Taylor Swift.

    22. I need Jesus because He is the family member that will never disown me.

    23. I need Jesus because with Him I am never alone.

    24. I need Jesus because He taught me radical love.


    He used Samaritans and women as role models, and he deliberately ate with 'sinners', prostitutes and other marginalized people. He sought out lepers and the poor to declare his message of radical inclusion. At every turn, he challenged cultural norms and the exclusivist religious patriarchy.

    25. I need Jesus because He is my brother. Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.

    26. I need Jesus because He reminds me that love is the only thing that matters.

    27. I need Him too.

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    This post was brought to you by USGA (Understanding Same Gender Attraction) - BYU's unofficial group of LGBTQ/SSA students.

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