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    Find Your Inner Cactus Cat

    Prickly though they may be, Cactus Cats need love too! A Cactus Cat is an independent, often distant cat who thrives with a slow and gentle approach. We think there’s a Cactus Cat inside everyone. Let your inner cat take this quiz to find out which Cactus Cat is your perfect match!

    Austin Animal Center’s Cactus Cat Program helps find homes for cats who need a little extra space. Even the prickliest cats deserve a loving home! Our program uses positive reinforcement to help our Cactus Cats learn a little love language, like eye contact, high fives and how to accept affection. To learn more about adoptable Cactus Cats at Austin Animal Center, visit If you don't live in the area, visit a local shelter and adopt an independent cat from your town! Introverted cats need love too!