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Show Us The Worst, Most Cringe-Worthy Texting Fails You’ve Ever Made

"I think you have the wrong number..."

It's 2020, and texting should really be second nature by now.

Nintendo/Apple/Austin Allie

And yet, somehow we still manage to pull off some serious clownery from time to time.

E!/Austin Allie

Like maybe you've talked shit about someone and accidentally sent it directly to the source.

hazelmarie935 / Via

Or perhaps you've ~seriously~ misjudged the meaning behind an emoji (we're looking at you, Boomers).

My 102 year old grandma died & I think my mom used the wrong emoji.

Or maybe there's a sext out there that still haunts you to this day.

So, spill it — what are the WORST texting fails that made you want to crawl under a rock and never see the light of day again? Comment your most mortifying moments below (don't forget to include pics if you have them), and you just might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video! Let's get cringey, y'all.