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Swedish Decathlete Victim Of Viral Penis Enlargement

Swedish decathlete has been the victim of a viral photoshopped penis enlargement, still sexy.

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The interwebs has been all abuzz over images of apparently super-schlonged Swedish decathlete, Björn Barrefors.

Barrefors, who studies Computer Science and trains at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, first noticed something was up when his Twitter followers, which had been around 750 in total, jumped by 200 overnight. Helpful new stalkers/followers posted the offending pic, and poor Björn had to confirm that unfortunately the pic had been photoshopped. Worse still, he hadn't even made the Swedish Olympic team. Still, he handled it with good grace, LOLing and commenting "that seems a bit unnecessary to photoshop me, gotta be plenty of guys looking like that without a photoshop :)". Bless.

IMHO he's still smoking hot, even without the added appendage...

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