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10 Summer Hair Tips Worth Using Year-Round

Try these simple tricks to have carefree summer hair all the way through those breezy winter months.

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1. No hair tie? No problem!

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Hair ties always go missing. No worries — tease the end of your braid with a comb and lock in place with a quick spritz of hair spray.

2. Get beach waves with a twist.


With wet hair, twist sections in alternating directions. Wake up and shake out for big, beachy curls.

3. Up your braid game.

For a cute twist on classic three-strand braids, braid as usual, then pinch two strands together and slide upward. Spread out slightly for a simple snake braid.

4. Get some lift.


Shake out wet hair, push up your roots at the crown, and clip in place. Let air dry and — voilà! — volume with no heat needed.

5. Try a no-fuss updo.

Fighting frizz? Grab a headband, section hair into two strands, then roll up and tuck in place. You’ll be out the door in no time!

6. Protect your scalp.


Colder months wreak havoc on your scalp. For added protection while out and about, mix your favorite sunscreen with a cup of water and spritz along your part.

7. Twist and go.

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Start with a low pony, separate into two sections, then twist in opposite directions while wrapping the strands around each other. Best part? Next-day beach waves.

8. Keep it from knotting.

Wind tunnels are the worst. Put a spin on a classic pony by wrapping two small braids around it to keep the tangles away. Full tutorial here.

9. Stop the breakage.


Towels are anything but gentle. Try drying your hair with a T-shirt to cut back on winter damage. Roll hair up and pin into a turban — as it dries, you'll lock in bouncy curls.

10. Tame those bangs.

Flyaways driving you crazy? Try an easy side braid low chignon. Just braid along your crown and toss into a low bun.

A summer state of mind never has to end. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie and get easy, effortless hair all year long.

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