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12 Really Important Reasons You Are Running Late

So you're running late, who cares? You have a perfectly good reason. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie.

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1. You couldn't decide whether or not it was worth it to shave your legs.

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It's not too hot to wear pants.

2. You strained a muscle trying to fit into your favorite pants that "shrank in the dryer."

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They are now banished to the corner of your bedroom until you gather the nerve to donate them to another lucky soul.

3. Someone from high school liked your picture online, and you had to investigate why...for several hours.

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It's not stalking, it's light research.

4. You couldn't find a hair tie, and you were worried it's because your dog is eating all of them.

When you look in his eyes, it feels like he's trying to tell you something.

5. You were hand washing your favorite (and now stained) shirt because you just had to eat something before you left. / Via

The decision to wear that shirt was final.

6. You moved the couch to find the controller and ended up moving around the entire living room.

Feng shui is not something that can be scheduled.

7. Your "Divas of the '90s" playlist came on, and you couldn't...stop...dancing.

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If only the world could see how confident your moves are at home.

8. You tried some "fun" nail art, got carried away, then were too invested to turn back.

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It's more important than ever that the polish does not chip.

9. You got halfway there and realized you had pit stains, so you stopped for some emergency shopping.

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What was once an emergency became fun Friday plans.

10. You were talking to your roommate about really important things like the TV marathon they were watching.

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Their lives are just so fascinating.

11. You made the tiniest of snacks (OK, several) and had to lie down for a minute. / Via

The cake won this round.

12. You didn't realize until you were walking out the door that your phone was at 10% — leaving wasn't an option.


How else were you going to post and like pictures through the night?

Things come up! No worries, we've all been there. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie and make beautiful beach waves the easiest part of your summer.

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