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24 Things French People Have To Know Before They Travel To Australia

Don't worry, you'll just love it.

1. Australians love French people.

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France is Paris, and Paris is the most romantic city in the world. There you go.

2. Taxi drivers are nice.

Columbia Pictures

They actually want to know about your day and have a chat. How confusing?

3. They do make croissants...

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...just don't expect too much.

4. Window shutters aren't really a thing.

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So be ready to start the day when the sun rises. 5am is a great time to hit the ground running.

5. They eat Vegemite.

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You should definitely try it. Life is for weird experiences.

6. People smile at you in the street.

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This is so not like home.

7. Their unofficial national motto is "no worries, mate".

Walt Disney Studios

This is more or less the Lion King's wisdom transcribed for grown-ups. How cool?

8. They have no clue how to pronounce wine names properly.

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They call Sauvignon Blanc "sav blank" or worse, "saviblank"!

9. If you want tap water at a restaurant, be prepared to ask for it.

AMC/Giphy / Via

It won't just be waiting for you on the table like in France.

10. You can find crocodile snacks.


Oh no, no, no, no.

11. They use annoying keyboards.

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Why would anyone create a keyboard different to the French one? Unsolved mystery.

12. This country is huge AF.

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And it's humbling to realize how small we are.

13. And urban Australia looks a lot like the US.

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Skyscrapers, Coca-Cola ads, and yellow cabs.

14. Australians don't really speak English...


Sorry to break the news but Australians speak Australian. A weird English-like language full of delicacies to the ear.

15. ... And they curse ALL THE TIME...but it sounds nice.

Giphy / Via

But they rarely curse to insult people, which is pretty impressive.

16. They drive on the left side of the road.

Giphy / Via

Why? No idea, just remember it.

17. It's warm and sunny all year round.

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In most places, the winter months are still warm, especially compared to France!

18. They can switch off their plugs.


God bless Australia.

19. They have thong vending machines.


In case you forget to wear shoes at some point.

20. You'll often see them hanging around naked, but it's fine.

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Ok, maybe not completely naked. But with no shoes on... or shirt.

21. People really don’t smoke as much in Australia.

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In France, mostly everyone you know smokes, right? Here, it’s not all that common.

22. Boxed wine is pretty popular here.

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Goon is a very cheap wine that comes in a box and makes backpackers very happy. What's inside is still a mystery.

23. But they also have real wine.


Organic and delicious!

24. And finally, be prepared to see kangaroos, they really are everywhere.


And they are super cute.

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