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22 Facts That May Actually Make You Like Australian Crocodiles

Crocodiles may be a bit scary sometimes, but there is probably a lot you don’t know about these amazing creatures.

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1. On land, they are quite slow-moving.


And that's kind of cute, right? The slowest crocodiles move at the same pace as crabs (12km/h), and they can reach 18 km/h when they're in a hurry. Still slower than sheep!

4. It’s a miracle crocodiles survive their first year after birth.

Kuritafsheen / Getty Images

99% of crocodile babies are eaten in the first year after birth. The crocodile mum lays 10 to 60 eggs at a time, and takes care of them for three months. But most of them get eaten by predators.


6. They are extremely patient creatures.

Duncan Geere / Getty Images

"Patient like a crocodile" is not a saying, but it should be. They lay still for many hours and can hold their breath for up to an hour by reducing their heart rate.


9. They're great actors.

Bill Birtwhistle / Getty Images

They can cry crocodile tears like any good actor. When they eat, crocodiles also swallow air. When the air hits their lachrymal glands it forces tears to flow.

12. They're basically spies with their amazing eyesight.

Fangsheng Chou / Getty Images

When submerged, special transparent eyelids enable crocodiles to see underwater. They have very effective eyesight at night too.


13. They have the ability to replace their teeth up to 50 times in their lifetime.

Enrique Ramos Lopez / Getty Images

They are polyphyodonts so they have new permanent teeth grow in the jaws, standing next to the old teeth.

15. The temperature of the nest determines whether baby crocs are male or female.

Wf Sihardian / Getty Images

When the nest is 31.6ºC you have male crocs. If the temperature drops below or rises above this, you get baby girls!

16. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like us humans.

Sabrina Bekeschus Monteiro / Getty Images

Some are small, some are really big. The smallest species goes by the name dwarf crocodile. See, just like us, small and big, everyone's happy.


17. They make even the tallest basketballers look ridiculously small.


Australian saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptile in the world. They can be up to seven metres long. And we brag when we’re two metres tall!

19. They don’t chew, they just swallow their food.

Matthew Crowley Photography / Getty Images / Via

Crocodile grasp and crush food with their jaws. They don’t chew. They often just swallow stones to grind the food inside their stomachs.

20. Their body has evolved to adapt to their surroundings.

Kuritafsheen / Getty Images

Their ears, eyes, and nostrils are on the top of their head, so they can lie low in the water and chill there for hours. I want it!