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17 Ways To Embrace Byron Bay's Hippie Vibe

Let's be honest, Byron Bay is heaven on Earth.

1. Enjoy the sun rising over the sea.


It may be a little early but it's 100% worth it!

2. Start the day with a yoga class.


What else is more amazing than starting the day with a yoga class, with ocean views and the sound of birds singing?

3. Learn how to surf.


Everyone will tell you that Byron is a great surfing spot. Rent a board or take a lesson and ride that wave!

4. Kayak at sea.


What about kayaking on something a bit more exciting than a still lake? If it's your lucky day, dolphins will swim along too!

5. Snorkel in the ocean...


The water is so clear you'll be able to see the cute fishies swimming alongside you!

6. ...and maybe meet beautiful turtles.


If you remain still and quiet, they'll come up close!

7. Enjoy a delicious meal.


If you get hungry from all those activities, there are amazing little restaurants to meet all your cravings. Try the best falafels at Orgasmic Food Byron Bay.

8. Get a palm and Tarot reading.


You can't embrace Byron without a bit of spirituality. Open your chakras and hear the good words.

9. Meditate in a crystal cave.


The Crystal Castle is a few kilometres away from Byron and is home to a cave said to have calming powers. You can even do a guided meditation inside!

10. And while you're there, have a picture taken of your aura.


The colours of the energy given off by your body can reveal a lot about you.

11. Play in the waves.


A trip to Byron is about embracing your inner child. Play like a kid!

12. Cool down with a sweet treat.


There are lots of smoothie and ice cream places all over Byron, just like this self-serve coconut yoghurt shop.

13. Get a handmade souvenir from an artisan market.


Whether it’s a ring made out of an ancient silver spoon or a timber wood necklace, the artisan market is the perfect place to find a little gift.

14. Relax while listening to street music.


Wherever you go, you'll find people singing. Grab a drink and chill out with some good music.

15. Walk to the Lighthouse.


The walk is pretty and the view at the top is worth every step.

16. Admire the sunset.


End every day with a splendid sunset over the beach. Byron's vibe is all about enjoying life and its simple pleasures.

17. Share your love.


Smile at everyone and be sure to slow down while enjoying every moment.

Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. Camera equipment supported by Canon. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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