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17 Ways To Embrace Byron Bay's Hippie Vibe

Let's be honest, Byron Bay is heaven on Earth.

1. Enjoy the sun rising over the sea.

2. Start the day with a yoga class.

3. Learn how to surf.

4. Kayak at sea.

5. Snorkel in the ocean...

6. ...and maybe meet beautiful turtles.

7. Enjoy a delicious meal.

8. Get a palm and Tarot reading.

9. Meditate in a crystal cave.

10. And while you're there, have a picture taken of your aura.

11. Play in the waves.

12. Cool down with a sweet treat.

13. Get a handmade souvenir from an artisan market.

14. Relax while listening to street music.

15. Walk to the Lighthouse.

16. Admire the sunset.

17. Share your love.

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