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Start Your Garden At Home And Make This Ten Dollar Herb Planter

Gardening on a budget is the best kind of gardening.

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Here's a video showing you how to make it:

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What you need:

2 pieces of 1-foot long, 6-inch wide boards

2 pieces of 5-inch long, 6-inch wide boards

1 piece of 1-foot long, 4-inch wide board for bottom

1.5 inch nails

Wood glue


1. Lay out the two 5-inch long boards, and apply wood glue to the top of one.

2. Place one of the 1-foot long boards and press it onto the wood glue. Nail into place with three 1 ½-inch nails.

3. Glue the top of the other 5-inch long board and press the other side of the 1-foot long board onto it. Nail into place with three 1 ½-inch nails.

4. Turn the boards upside down and glue the other sides of the 5-inch long boards. Take the other 1-foot long board and press it on top of the glue. Nail into place with six 1 ½-inch nails.

5. Flip to it’s side and glue all four sides. Place the 1-foot long, 4-inch wide board onto the bottom and press into the glue. Secure with eight 1 ½-inch nails.

6. Re-pot your herbs into your planter and enjoy!