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    What Everyone Feels Like When There's No Toilet Paper Left

    How could you?

    You know the feeling. The feeling of your heart sinking as you realize...THERE'S NO TOILET PAPER LEFT!

    New Line Cinema / Via

    WTF is THIS?


    You sit there, hoping and praying, that SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, you will be able to use this tiny piece of paper (that couldn't even be used as a blanket for a mouse), to clean your nether regions....

    Shakira Music Video / Via

    Then you realize. There's nothing you can do. And you accept it.

    Oprah Winfrey Show / Via

    But you know, you never want to be in that situation AGAIN!

    Warner Bros. / Via

    That's why you should tell your no-TP-replacing-roommate that they NEED to build you this crazy contraption that they have no idea how to build, because... because, they just should!


    It goes all the way to the ceiling!

    Watch the TP holder of your dreams in all it's glory here:

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