People Took A Pole Dancing Class And Things Got Sexy

    "Just because you're acting sexy, doesn't mean you want sex."

    With society's unrealistic of beauty standards and the lack of diversity in media, feeling confident can be difficult. So, we had three women take a pole-dancing class to help them regain their confidence and recognize their inner ​˜goddess~.​

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    Our very own Devin, who teaches pole dancing at S Factor, volunteered to teach a class for the ladies.

    Some were a little apprehensive about pole dancing...

    ...while others were confident...

    ...but everyone was just ready to have a good time.

    Before they began the class, Devin showed off a little of her skills — and let me tell you, girl has some skills.

    The first part of the class was about learning basic breathing techniques and getting in touch with their bodies.

    And just relaxing 🙆.

    They then learned how to "S walk." You know, that walk that makes you feel sensual and sexual.

    And when it was time to become one with the pole, some of these participants were a little unsure how it was going to work out.

    But that didn't matter, because they SLAYED.

    By the end of the class some of them had a newfound love for themselves.

    While others had known they had a sexy side but they finally found something that made them believe it.

    And even though pole dancing wasn't for everyone, it's safe to say it was a good learning experience.

    Another day, another slay.